Scavenger Hunt

We're Back!! By Popular Demand Anime Banzai is hosting its Scavenger Hunt

Sit Boy!!  Will you be able to help Kagome and the gang to find the Scavenger Hunt charms before the evil Naraku?? Come find out at Anime Banzai 2023! 


Things To Know


Scavenger Hunt Kick-Off

We have a convention-wide Scavenger Hunt challenge for all attendees to participate in. You will be tasked to find as many of the Inuyasha characters with special charm bags you can. For each character you find, you will get a special item unique to them.


The Scavenger Hunt will not begin until after the Opening Ceremony on Friday, once the characters have a chance to disperse.


Attending the Opening Ceremony is not required, but quite helpful.

Last Chance Scavenger Hunt

Have you been searching all con for that last Scavenger Hunt character and you just can’t seem to find them? Have no fear! You have one last chance to earn it.


By performing different tasks, you can earn that last allusive charm!

Scavenger Hunt Charm Count

Have you been collecting the Scavenger Hunt charms all weekend?


Do you want to win prizes for collecting the charms, but hate waiting in the line before the Award Ceremony?


Come Sunday from 11am-1pm so you can get your charms counted before the Award Ceremony and just skip to getting your tickets!

Scavenger Hunt Award Ceremony

Did you find our characters and collect their charms?


If you did, come to this event and win prizes! Whether you have 5 items or all of them, you can win prizes from a small trinket to the Grand Prize.


To be eligible for the Grand Prize you must have all the charms at con PLUS the Picnic Charm (obtained at the annual picnic pre-con event) and Pre-Registration Charm (found in your Pre-Registration swag bag).