Come join Anime Banzai’s incredible volunteer team!

Anime Banzai is a volunteer-run convention – all the Staff are volunteers, the Security team is made up of volunteers, the Medical aids are volunteers. None of us get paid! But we still need help – we need YOU!! Volunteering is a fun and easy way to give back to the Anime Banzai Convention and help make the convention amazing for every Attendee, Guest, Volunteer, and Staff Member.

And … there are perks!

Artist: Brenna Lamborn

There are many different places at which to volunteer:

  • General at-con volunteers
  • Before-con volunteers
  • Event staff
  • Medical at-con staff
  • Internships
  • … and more!

There are lots of perks to volunteering!

  • A chance to win a pass for the following Anime Banzai Convention
  • Exclusive volunteer swag
  • Connecting with other otakus
  • Connecting with the community
  • A chance to see the inner workings of a convention
  • Helping run the Anime Banzai Convention
Fill out the Volunteer Application here!