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Anime Banzai 2023 Panels

All Things Stretch Fabric Friday: 7:00pm Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

Host: Icy Inferno Cosplay

Do you dread working or sewing with stretch fabrics? Or maybe you don’t know when to use them? Or even what stretch fabrics are? Then come learn all that and more with tips and tricks to help you make your stretch projects look amazing!


ARMY 101: Saturday, 1:30pm Tent

host: Sarah Wesley, Jude Lee

We are the co-hosts of We Got No Jams, a BTS Podcast! We’ll cover all the basics about being ARMY, with in-depth explanations and real-life examples to help you understand what the world of BTS fans are talking about! Have you ever wondered why the purple color is so big in the fandom, or what the heck Borahae means? What even in K-pop and how has it influenced this particular fandom? We go into all the basics for those interested in learning more, or seasoned ARMY who want to join in on the fun! Join us as we talk about all things BTS and ARMY! Welcome to BTS’ Purple Army! We’re so happy you’re here!


Ball Jointed Doll Panel & Meetup: Saturday, 9:30pm Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

host: Kris Olsen

BJD lovers, unite! Come join the panel and meetup, meet new people, ask questions, and look at dolls from different companies. Bring your doll(s), if you have one; if you don’t, come visit anyway! We love newbies and people just curious about our hobby.


Big Builds & Fursuits Saturday, 11:00am Sai’s Hangout  (Meridian D)

host: Cassini Closet, NerdyHippy

Ever wondered how to get started on making big beasties for cosplay? Have a character of your making that you’d like to bring to life? This panel is the place to be to learn all that goes into making creature builds and fursuits.


Con Culture: Then & Now Friday, 1:30pm Tent

host: Janaye Mai

What is a glomp? Why are they doing a TikTok dance in the Vendors Hall?? Whether you’ve been attending cons for decades or this is your first ever, come learn and discuss how the culture of comic and anime conventions has grown and changed over the years.


Contacts & Cosplay Friday, 6:30pm Mochi’s Lounge (Stratus 7)

host: AnyTimeCosplay, SpookyWhitt Cosplay

Contacts can be that one special thing to put your cosplay over the top. But where do you get them? What sites can be trusted? What if you need prescription? We’ll cover all your questions, as well as care and safety while using them.


Corsets & Cosplay Friday, 2:00pm Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

host: Oz Costumes

There’s so much that goes into building corsets, but it’s something you can definitely do! We will discuss different methods of construction as well as historical traits. But, most importantly, we’ll talk about how they can be incorporated (and help) in cosplay!


Cosabilities Friday, 5:00pm Sai’s Hangout (Meridian D)

host: Namae’s Cosplays

Cosplay is a great way of expressing yourself and being accepted. For many people with disabilities, cosplay represents a way to make new friends who share similar interests. If it’s something you want to do or makes you happy, then go for it! Namae was born with a physical disability and several health problems, but she still continues to enjoy cosplaying after 10 years of doing it. Hear from her and several other disabled cosplayers about why they cosplay and how they go about their craft.


Cosplay Feedback Panel Sunday, 10:30am Sai’s Hangout (Meridian D)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your Cosplay Contest? Was there something you really liked? Have an idea how to make things even better? Come to this panel and let your thoughts be heard! Competitors will also have a chance for one-on-one feedback from the contest judges.

Cosplay Sewing 101 Friday, 9:00am Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

host: SpookyWhitt Cosplay

So now you want to make your own cosplay? Well, come here and learn the basics of sewing!


Cosplay Shoe/Boot Making 101 Sunday, 4:30pm Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

host: Rachael Doty, Joseph Doty

Cosplay shoes are hard to replicate if they aren’t the standard off-the-rack sort of footwear. Come learn some of the ins and outs of cosplay boot making options. From covers to actual shoes, there’s a lot to learn for any level of cosplay.


Cosplaying on a Budget Friday, 12:00pm Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

host: Merkurrie Cosplay

Cosplay can be awesome … and awesomely expensive, too. Cosplaying on a budget has changed over the years due to the increasing prices of even thrifted items and fashion has started to play a big role in “cheap” cosplay. Learn some tips and tricks from Merkurrie Cosplay on how to keep the costs low and the creativity high.


Cruelty-Free Cosplay Friday, 6:30pm Sai’s Hangout (Meridian D)

host: Icy Inferno Cosplay

Want a leather look without using leather? Don’t know what makeup brands are cruelty-free? Want to know what fabrics contain animal parts? Come learn all this and more options for those looking for alternatives in cosplay.


D&D – Ask the DM Friday, 10:00pm Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

host: Morgan, Becky

Ask experienced DMs for advice about your tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG). Get answers in the form of entertaining D&D game stories.


Everything to Know about Japanese Clothing! Saturday, 9:00am Sai’s Hangout (Meridian D)

host: SpookyWhitt Cosplay, Icy Inferno Cosplay

You know kimono. You know hakama. But do you know the history? how to wear them? any other articles of clothing throughout Japanese history? Come and learn more about Japanese clothing, styles, and history in this informational panel!


Good Games You May Not Have Heard Of Friday, 2:00pm  Sai’s Hangout (Meridian D)

host: NerdyHippy, Cassini Closet

Everyone’s heard of the big names in video gaming. But what about the games that were overshadowed and deserve a bit more love? This panel will introduce you to some of the lesser-known gems, covering multiple genres and platforms.


How to Pitch a Cartoon Friday, 7:30pm Sai’s Hangout  (Meridian D)

host: Deric, Keaton, JB, Kayla

We will discuss the elements within a cartoon that make it successful and how to make it more desirable and marketable for your audience. We will also share experiences with building an animation company, and what steps are necessary to pitch a cartoon.


How to Run an Event as a Cosplay Group Saturday, 10:30am Ban’s Fantasy Land  (Stratus 9)

host: Epic Fail

Are you interested in providing events at an anime convention? Want to learn how to be a cosplay group events guest? Join Epic Fail Cosplay for an “informative” “round” “table.” Learn how they plan events, keep organized, and provide “high-quality” “entertainment” at conventions throughout Utah and the West.


How to Turn Cosplaying into More than Just a Hobby Saturday, 12:00pm Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

host: Namae’s Cosplays

Have you wanted to make cosplaying more than just a hobby? Come and learn how you could cosplay for local events or charities! You could be helping the local businesses in your community by doing something you love or maybe you yourself want to make a business out of cosplaying. Learn how to start doing wig, outfit, and accessory commissions; creating and selling your cosplay prints; and getting yourself out there in the convention circuit.


I Wonder about Armor? Friday, 10:30am Sai’s Hangout (Meridian D)

host: Sakura Roguen, SpookyWhitt Cosplay

What to know, what is a good way to make armor, and how to keep it light for all day wear? Take a trip with us as we discuss the pros and cons of all the thermoplastics out on the market today, as well as our experiences with them. Going from armor and props with some helpful tips and tricks to speed up the process to a confident level.


Intro to Machine Embroidery for Cosplay Friday, 3:30pm Tent

host: Cade

Want to learn how to add machine embroidery to your cosplay? Join us for an easy intro into machine embroidery. We’ll learn all about what goes into getting started on your embroidery journey!


Kamishibai: the Predecessor of Manga Sunday, 10:30am Tent

host: Waver

Before manga there was Kamishibai (Paper Play). Illustrated storyboards are put into a small stage and switched out as a Kamishibaiya (narrator) narrates the story to an audience. Kamishibai were immensely popular in Japan up until the widespread introduction of television. Come learn about the origins and history of Kamishibai and watch a few Kamishibai performances.


Leather Glove Making 101 Sunday, 2:30pm  Sai’s Hangout (Meridian D)

host: Rachael Doty, Joseph Doty

Ever wondered how to make your next cosplay’s gloves but don’t know how or where to start? Come learn a thing or two about leather glove making from materials to construction to get your started on your journey.


Let’s Obscure Cosplay Saturday, 8:00pm Sai’s Hangout (Meridian D)

host: Namae’s Cosplays

Cosplaying characters from obscure series can sometimes be difficult. It’s tough enough if you can’t find the outfit you want to purchase online, let alone any tutorials or patterns. Original designs or original characters can also be tough if you can’t find similar enough materials that you might need. Namae has been there many times! She loves cosplaying characters from those series that not many may have heard of. She’s ready to teach you how to get those cosplays you may be having trouble with going!


Level Up! A Cosplay 2.0 Sunday, 1:00pm Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

host: Sakura Roguen

Wish you knew more different ways to improve or grow upon your current skill set/ Wish you knew things when you started this journey before now? Then come along with us as we go about the room discussing new and old ways that go beyond the current level as we go about learning with our current skills. Even more tips and tricks for the next cosplay level.


Masquerades & You! Friday, 3:30pm Sai’s Hangout (Meridian D)

host: Oz Costumes

Have you thought of entering a masquerade, but became overwhelmed with everything you have to think of? What project should I pick? Can I make the deadline? What should I do for my skit? We will discuss the entire process so you can build the confidence you need for the stage!


My Hero Academia Sunday, 3:30pm Tent

host: KybyNora, Astanya

A world full of heroes, villains, and complete excitement! Come join us while we tell you about the wonderful world we all know as My Hero Academia!


One Piece Story Time: Retelling East Blue, Friday, 9:30pm, Nuki’s Play Room (Stratus 8)

host: X Angel

Too busy to fully dive into the world of One Piece? Want to revisit the beginning without rewatching? This panel is for everyone that has wondered about One Piece, or just can’t get enough. We’ll cover the arcs of Eat Blue, the bounties, the fights, and the plot to get you to the Grand Line!


Perfecting Cosplay Skits, Walk-Ons, & Photo Posing Friday, 5:00pm Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

host: Merkurrie Cosplay

Explore the magic of creating cosplay skits and how to maximize their creativity without confusing the audience with Merkurrie Cosplay. Also learn how to improve the effectiveness of your walk-ons and posing for photographs in your cosplay.


Plushies 101 Sunday, 5:00pm Nuki’s Play Room ( Stratus 8)

host: Cassini Closet, NerdyHippy

Do you like plushies? So do we! But did you ever consider making your own? And where do you even start? This panel will cover from concept to pattern making, material and fabric choice, and finishing touches that can make your plshie very unique.


The Procrastinator’s Guide to Last-Minute Cosplay Saturday, 2:00pm Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

host: Vix/Kosmiq Cosplay, Bee/Buddybee Cosplay

POV: It’s two weeks before the con and you JUST started pulling together your cosplay. What do? Join some expert con crunchers for a discussion on tips, tricks, and secrets to a successful last-minute cosplay, as well as procrastination horror stories!


Ribbons 101 Saturday, 9:00am Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

host: Kathy, Meg

Come learn about ribbons with us! Trade and earn ribbons!


Sew Magical! Look at My Seams Sunday, 11:00am Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

host: Sakura Roguen, SpookyWhitt Cosplay 

Ever wondered how the experts create magical things with fabric, or even how to make your work look professional? Come join us as we go over advanced sewing techniques and other tips and tricks on how to make your cosplays or future projects polished and get that decorative edge that you want them to have, even with a basic sewing machine.


Stage Fright & YOU! Friday, 9:00am Mochi’s Lounge (Stratus 7)

host: X Angel, Summoner Doormat

Want to compete on stage, join a dance group, or just perform your heart out, BUT you’ve got fear, jitters, and naysayers preventing you? Come learn to harness that fear and get on stage anyway!


Storyboarding 101: For Manga & Animation Saturday, 8:00pm Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

host: Keaton, Deric, Kayla, Josef

Ever want to make your own manga? Or your own animated series? It all starts with storyboarding. Come learn and practice how to make the first step in producing your own story. Join with us, the writer and director of The Mysteries of Kruger Mansion.


Sumeru’s Day Off – Genshin Impact  Saturday, 3:00pm Tent

host: KarLyle Bowles, Xen Callaway

After everything that’s happened in the Archon Quest, the vision holders of Sumeru come together for a day off.


Voice Acting: Year One Sunday, 3:00pm Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

host: Stephan Watson

Do you have the dream of becoming a voice actor? Maybe you’re just curious what it’s like to get behind the mic? HERE’S YOUR CHANCE! Utah local voice actor Stephan Watson can tell you what it’s like to work as a voice actor. Stephan has worked with animation studios like Mashed, narrated audiobooks, voiced national commercials, and more. As questions like “Where do I start?”, “What equipment do I need?”, and “How do I find auditions?”


What in the World is a Tsundere? A Guide to Otaku Vernacular Friday, 12:30pm

Sai’s Hangout (Meridian D)

host: Rex, Alex

Alex and Rex, from The Weeb & the Cazh Podcast, are back at Anime Banzai! This time they will explain all the weird and crazy words that are thrown around by anime fans like waifu, tsundere, isekai, and many more! Where do these terms come from, and why can they be crucial to understand and explore all that anime has to offer?! Find out at our panel!


The Wonderful World of CLAMP Sunday, 9:00am, Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

host: Namae’s Cosplays

Come learn about the internationally acclaimed manga artist group of four women known as CLAMP! We will be going down the rabbit hole of CLAMP series throughout the years. Starting from when they were just getting off the ground as doujinshi artists up to the present day.


Working with Japanese Companies & in Japan Saturday, 6:00pm Sai’s Hangout (Meridian D)

host: James Williams

Interested in working in Japan or with Japanese companies in the US? Come learn about navigating Japanese workplaces from a veteran recruiter.


World of RWBY Saturday, 6:00pm Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

host: KybyNora, Astanya

Come learn and explore the wonderful world of RWBY created by Monty Quinn!


18+ Anime Smash or Pass Friday, 12:00am Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

host: Paige

You know ‘em. You love ‘em. But would you date them? Come and vote for the best of the best, anime style! 18+ wristband required


18+ BL Webcomic & Manhwa Anonymous Saturday, 11:30pm Ban’s Fantasy Land (Stratus 9)

host: August Mishfit

Are you in need of webcomic and manhwa recommendations? Want to talk about the weird, funky, and fun tropes? Maybe there’s just one you need to talk about. Here at BL Webcomic & Manhwa Anonymous, we got what you need. 18+ wristband required


18+ Castlevania & Other Monstrous Worlds You Can Visit! Saturday, 9:30pm Mochi’s Lounge (Stratus 7)

host: SpookyWhitt Cosplay, Alva Justice

Dive into the frightening and monstrous worlds of Castlevania and other games in this informative and spooky panel! 18+ wristband required


18+ Mental Health in Anime  Friday, 9:00pm Sai’s Hangout (Meridian D)

host: Icarus Bellfire, Anime Kitty

Let’s go over mental health in anime and how it relates to life, so you know you’re not alone. 18+ wristband required


18+ Sanpei Shirato: Pioneer of Ninja Manga Saturday, 11:30pm Sai’s Hangout  (Meridian D)

host: Waver

Learn about Sanpei Shirato, the man who pioneered both the Ninja and Gekiga (adult-oriented) manga. Despite being basically unknown in the West, his manga is hugely influential in Japan – inspiring the likes of Kishimoto (Naruto). We’ll be covering his biography, the history in which his manga is steeped (both feudal and 1960s Japan), and going over his major works such as Kamui Den, Sasuke, Ninja Bugeicho, Watari, and many more. 18+ wristband required


18+ The Worlds of Horror Anime Friday, 11:30pm Amari’s Activity Room (Stratus 5/6)

host: SpookyWhitt Cosplay, Catarina Gutieraze

A panel on the many different worlds in anime and manga that are of the horror variety. 18+ wristband required.


18+ Yaoi Panel Friday, 12:00am Sai’s Hangout (Meridian D)

host: Kris Olsen

BL fantasy! What could be better? Come see demons, fae, yokai, and all nature of creatures fall in love. We will be looking at a couple of mangakas’ work: Naono Bohra, Yamamoto Kotesuko, and Ellie Hamahara, to name a couple. 18+ wristband required