Host An Panel

Have aPanelyou want to host?

We welcome both Industry members and fans that want to host their own panel at Anime Banzai. So submit your panel ideas with the form below, and have a chance to run your panel at Anime Banzai!

Be sure to read the guidelines below to determine if your idea is a panel or an event.


Should I submit my idea as a Panel or Event?


Is it an Event?

  1. My submission consists of playing a game (trivia, truth or dare, speed dating, Minute to Win it, etc..).
  2. My submission involves doing crafts.
  3. My submission consists of interacting with the audience in a non Question and Answer format.

Is it a Panel?

  1. My submission consists of Informative or educational information.
  2. My submission  consists of just talking about an Anime.
  3. My Submission consists of a Question and Answer.
  4. My submission is me teaching something.

Contact Us If

  1. My submission consists of a demo of a game.
  2. This chart doesn't cover what I am thinking of doing.
  3. I have more questions than this chart has answers.

Panel Application

Form is open from March 14th through Sept 1st or until full.