Anime Banzai 2014 Date

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What is the Dashboard?

Anime Banzai's Dashboard is the result of a survey conducted by the website staff in regards the what features attendees wanted on our site. Most people complained about the lack of response they got from other conventions regarding registration, contest entries and other forms. We concluded that we could slipstream all of that into one interface that could solve all these issues in one nice package.

Currently, the Dashboard is only set up to process pre-registrations for the 2015 convention year. We have plans to introduce more functionality in the future - this includes integrating all contest entries, event sign-ups, table & booth registrations, etc.

Since this is a new project, there are bound to be bugs; please keep that in mind and send the webmaster any bug reports you find. Please be as descriptive as possible.

Multiple registrations with one payment

Anime Banzai's Dashboard is currently set up to handle one registration per user. If you want to pay for multiple registrations in one PayPal transaction, you will need to fill out a multi-person registration form, COMING SOON. Instructions for making payments with PayPal are included within the form. A Dashboard profile is not needed if you are registering with this method.

We are currently working on implementing multiple registrations per account and will announce when this feature is ready for use.

Dashboard Help

Please read the registration F.A.Q and/or check this forum post before you e-mail us for help.

Please follow the steps below for help.

Send an e-mail to the webmaster with the following information.
0. First check your spam folder for e-mail activation/recipts before proceeding.
1. Date problem occurred
2. Web browser used to create account
3. First and Last name
4. Username
5. E-mail used on account
6. Detailed description of problem
7. If issue is with PayPal, please include the transaction ID

Our website team usually checks e-mails daily, and we will try to respond in a timely manner.

Yahoo & AOL Mail Users
We have noticed that Yahoo/AOL Mail will sometimes auto-flag mail from us as spam and automatically removes it. If you created a Dashboard account with a Yahoo/AOL e-mail you may not receive mail from our system. We recommend you use a different e-mail provider or add to the whitelist on your Yahoo mail account.

Pre-Registration Dates

Date Range Price
March 22nd - April 30th $40.00
May 1st - Aug 30th $45.00
Sep 24th - Sep 26th $50.00
^ ComicCon Special! ^
Mailed registrations must be postmarked by Aug 30th, 2015. All mailed registrations with postmarks after this date will be returned.

At-Con Registration Prices

Type of Registration Price
Full Weekend $50.00
Friday $30.00
Saturday $40.00
Sunday $25.00
Age 10 and under* Free

* With paying adult and signed permission form.