Secondhand Sale Registration Now Open!

Secondhand Sale Flyer

Got stuff?

Got TOO MUCH stuff?

Need to downsize your collection?

Can’t find your bed?

Bring it (your stuff, not your bed!) to the Secondhand Sale at the Anime Banzai Convention! It will be held 9:00am Saturday morning at-con in the Main Events Hall. Pass all your goodies on to the loving arms of fellow anime fans.

All commercially licensed, non-mature-rated goods are welcome! Anime, manga, figures, plushies, wall scrolls – you name it! But it has to be legitimately licensed. No bootlegs. Bootlegged products will be grounds for ejection form the sale and possibly the Anime Banzai Convention as well.

So join us and turn your clutter into cash!

Hurry – tables sell out fast!

To register, please e-mail Kris Olsen at [email protected] She will send you the Seller Contract and any other information you will need.