Press Application Information

Those wishing to attend the Anime Banzai Convention and receive a complimentary badge as “press” must:

  1. belong to a news and/or press outlet organization that has been in operation for at least 2 (two) years.
  2. provide proof of credentials to receive the complimentary badge.
    • a business card with applicant’s full name, title, and contact information, and organization logo
    • we cannot accept business cards without a printed full name and contact information
  3. provide traffic analytics as a web-based outlet, if requested.
  4. provide waiver forms to be signed by the head of Press Staff in order to film at the Anime Banzai Convention.
  5. provide a copy of all video footage to Utah Anime Promotions.
The following will NOT be considered for a complimentary press badge:
  • personal blogs
  • cosplay photographers
  • photo galleries
  • micro bloggers
  • high school or college press


General Policies
  • These badges cannot be transferred to any other persons.
  • All badges are given on a case-by-case basis and may be denied or revoked at any time for any reason.
  • Failure to comply with UAP, Anime Banzai Convention, and Press policies may result in a revocation of your badge.
  • These badges are limited in number.
  • Utah Anime Promotions gives these badges to provide entry into the Anime Banzai Convention. Utah Anime Promotions will not provide hotel accommodations, food allowances, or parking allotments.
  • The deadline to apply for an Industry Badge is August 31, 2019.
Interview Policies
  • All interviews with official Anime Banzai Convention guests must be requested and arranged through our Press Liaison.
  • All guest interviews are arranged as the guests’ and their representatives’ schedules allow.
  • Requesting a guest interview does not guarantee an interview will be arranged.
  • Interviews with general attendees, dealers, or people other than the official Anime Banzai Convention guests do not require the approval of our Press Liaison.