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(Primary Panelist name must match the name provided when Pre-Registering for Anime Banzai.)
(Please separate names with a dash, ie. First Panelist - Second Panelist.)
Contact information below should be for the Primary Panelist. You are responsible for communicating changes to the information after submission

Please Note:

As the Primary Panelist, if your panel is accepted you will need to Pre-Register if you have not done so. Other Panelists do not need to. Other panelists do not need to, but it is recommended.

Being a panelist does not cover your Anime Banzai Registrations Fees. You are responsible for all Registration costs unless prior arrangments have been made. Please contact us if special consideration (such as attending only for your panel) is needed.

Panel Details


(Please see policies for mature panel rules)

(Please email [email protected] for room capacity questions.)

Panel Necessities

Projector spaces are limited and will be scheduled on a "First come, First served" basis.

A whiteboard, microphone, and powerstrip will be provided with each panel room and they don't need to be requested. Please make sure to address any other concerns in advance with the Panels Committee.

Anime Banzai does not provide Laptops for use if you are using a projector. Please make sure to have a laptop ready. We also advices having a backup option. The only connection to the projectors available is VGA - we do not provide any type of adapters.

While some trouble shooting with your laptop can be provided at Anime Banzai, it is at your own risk and we do not extend panel time for technical difficulties. Troubleshooting is for standard software and setups only. We do no support tablets or mobile devices.

We strongly advise ensuring that your computer is setup in advance according to your harware and/or software specifications to detect the projector automatically.

If you show up Thursday night for early pickup of pre-registered badges, you can test your equipment with panel resources (projectors, etc.). This testing time is available on a "first come, first served" basis.


A whiteboard, microphone, and extension cord will be provided with each panel room and don\'t need to be requested. Please make sure to address any possible concers in advance with the Panels Committee to ensure your needs will be met.

We advise having backup copies of all your media and that it be ready well in advance of the convention. Anime Banzai does NOT provide printing services.

Prizes and handouts cannot be edible (including candy) unless they are purchased from official vendors at the Davis Conference Center.

We may contact you in regards to your media or handouts prior to the Con, please be prepared to provide copies on request.

It is advised that you provide Spoiler Alerts before revealing crucial info about a(n) anime, manga, etc.

Scheduled Times

Please Read!

While the Anime Banzai Panel Committee will attempt to accommodate panelists' schedules, we cannot guarantee a schedule with no conflicts. To help ensure that your panel time best fits your Banzai plans, please be as specific as possible in your answers below.

This includes set up and take down time. Panels start at the beginning of the hour, and need to clear the room immediately at the end of the alloted time. If time required is in question, please time a dry run presentation before submitting your panel request.

When will you be at Anime Banzai and Available to Host your Panel? Check all that apply:
Please note that if your panel contains mature themes, your panel will be restricted to late night time slots which are limited in number.

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Thank you for your interest! You will receive an email containing your submitted form; please keep this for your records and reply to the email for any changes made after submission.
PLEASE NOTE: This email only confirms that your form has been submitted - it is NOT an email that the Panels Committee has accepted your panel for Anime Banzai.