Anime Banzai 2017

2017 Meeting Dates

Join the Anime Banzai Convention Staff in helping to plan the convention! We need your help, and it’s open to the public! Join us at the Downtown Salt Lake City Library (except for February 4th, when we’re at the Taylorsville Library).


Library Interior

2017 Anime Banzai Convention!!!


The theme is MATSURI (festivals). School, traditional Japanese, New Year’s… If you can celebrate it, it’s a matsuri!

January Pre-Con Event – Classic Video Game Night

Join the Anime Banzai Convention staff and BeatGamers for our annual Classic Video Game Night!

It’s a night where we all come together and remember the games that got us into gaming, and all the good times they brought us. The systems are provided and so are the games. Come have fun with everything from Atari to an NES to XBox to PC computers. We have it all to meet all fans’ wants and needs.

Cosplay is encouraged by not required. And, as always, this event is FREE!


2016 Anime Banzai Convention Cosplay Contest Videos

If you want to reminiscence or if you didn’t get to see the 2016 Cosplay Contest – here’s your chance!

Follow this link to see all the videos on YouTube. Congrats to the winners, and “way to go” to all the contestants. Your hard work is very much appreciated.


December Pre-Con Event – Holiday Party

Join us for a night of tradition and fun!

The Anime Banzai Staff will be hosting their Annual Holiday Party. Come ready to play games and sing; there will be a gingerbread making competition; and, of course, our yearly White Elephant Gift Exchange.

Rules for Item(s):

  • Total original retail value of the item(s) must total more than $5 and less than $15 (we don’t want people to be too cheap or too expensive)
  • If you want to give pins or multiple cheaper items, their combined original retail value must be equal to $5 or more, less than $15. For example: 5 pins originally worth $1 each.
  • You may also buy your gift.
  • Items should be Japanese related like: pocky, ramune, yan yan; or even new DVDs, manga, ect.
  • Age Appropriate: please keep things PG-13 rated or less; no 18+ and no nudity!!!!
  • Item’s Condition: MUST be good to like new. That means no holes in shirts or broken things.
  • Items that are NOT Accepted: VHS tapes – no one wants that. Let’s keep our outdated media collection to ourselves.

Winners of the 2016 Writing Contests!

Congratulations to the following people for their hard work and excellent creativity in the 2016 Writing Contests!

FanFiction Contest Winners

    First Place: “Playdate” written by Taniya Mills
    Second Place: “An Important Interruption” by Amber Dawn Monson
    Third Place: “Something Precious” by Catherine Bloom

to read the contest winners’ stories for the FanFiction Contest, please follow this link

Original Story Contest Winners

    First Place: “The First Kiss” by Kylee Alexis Shepherd
    Second Place: “Evil Wears a Fuzzy Onesie” by Kris Olsen
    Third Place: “Facade” by Justin B Hill

to read the contest winners’ stories for the Original Fiction Contest, please follow this link

First Kiss FanFiction Story Contests Winner

    First Place: “Shampoo’s Heart” by Justin B Hill

First Kiss Original Fiction Story Contest Winner

    First Place for Original Fiction: “The First Kiss” by Kylee Shepherd

to read the winnners’ stories for the First Kiss Contest, please follow this link

November Pre-Con Event – Dia de los Muertos

Join the Anime Banzai Convention staff for their first, first-of-the-month event at Kafeneio’s Coffeehouse. We will be celebrating the Day of the Dead (la Dia de los Muertos), so come and share memories of your loved ones and celebrate the friends and loved ones we miss. At this event you are encouraged to dress up as something relating to the theme. If you don’t have anything, we will be having people who do face painting there to assist in your transformation. Cosplaying in not required, but encouraged! There will be fun and games, and maybe a snack or two! There will be contests and a raffles throughout the night.


2017 Anime Banzai Convention Mascot Contest

artist-2The mascot contest is a chance for artists to redesign the Anime Banzai Convention’s mascots, Ban and Sai, in their own style incorporating the year’s theme.

2017 Theme: Matsuri (festival)
This includes both Japan’s traditional and school festivals. Clothing should look like it would be worn there: yukata, happi, school uniforms, etc.

Early Submission Deadline: August 31, 2016 11:59pm MST

Final Submission Deadline: January 31, 2017 11:50pm MST

Any entries received after the Final Submission Deadline will be disqualified.

For more information, click here!

Anime Banzai Convention Permanent Mascot Contest

This is a separate contest from the normal, yearly, themed mascot contest. There are different rules and prizes. You may enter one or both – your choice!

Ban and Sai are looking for an artist that can give them a permanent look, something that will stand the test of time and that will represent the Anime Banzai Convention regardless of that year’s theme.

Deadline is May 31, 2017 by 11:59pm MST

For more information, click here!


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