Anime Banzai 2017

GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT – Cosplay Contest Judge Alpacosplay

Guest - AlpacosplayAlpacosplay is an avid gamer, artist, and cosplayer. She cosplayed at her first convention in 2001 and immediately caught the cosplay bug. In 2013, she started competing and fell in love with contests after meeting so many wonderful people.

In 2015, with her cosplay partner Yummy Gamorah, she earned the honor of representing the United States at the World Cosplay Sumit in Nagoya, Japan. They competed with 26 other countries, winning the Brother Award for best costume and 3rd place overall.

Her current goals are to continue improving her craft while also sharing what she’s learned through Twitch streams and tutorials.


EmpathP is an American musician, illustrator, and Producer from Virginia. Specializing in the creation of original VOCALOID works, her credits include illustrating the Celtic English VOCALOID “AVANNA” and voice providing for the American English VOCALOID “DAINA”.

Through her self-promoted music and art studio “Empathy Studioes”, her wish is to spread the love for VOCALOID technology across the United States. As the manager of VOCAMERICA: The Western VOCALOID Concert Project, she and her team have worked hard for over a year to make the dream of a western VOCALOID concert series a reality. This concert will be Sunday morning at the Anime Banzai Convention and is included in the price of your admission.

Guest - EmpathP Guest - EmpathP VOCAMERICA

Check Out the Utah Asian Festival!

Join Anime Banzai at the 40th Utah Asian Festival!

Come enjoy a pageantry of performance, exhibit, arts and crafts, marketplace, and food from Asian communities represented by Bhutan, Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Hawai’ian, Hmong, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Taiwanese, Thai, Tibetan, and Vietnamese on Saturday, June 10th.

Join us to celebrate the Year of the Rooster! Anyone turning 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, or 96 (and any children born after January 28, 2017) were born in the Year of the Rooster. Roosters are observant, hardworking, confident, courageous, talented, frank, and honest.

There will also be an Asian Pop Dance & Cosplay Parade from 5:30pm – 7:00pm. Cosplay/Fun Dress/Street Clothes are encouraged, but not required. Come enjoy the latest pop music from Asia, spun live by DJ JPan. Group dancing will be led by local members of the Utah Asian community. All cosplayers will be invited to showcase their costumes onstage!

This event is free, and everyone is welcome!

For more information, check out their website or check out their Facebook.

Asian Festival Asian Festival - Parade

Submissions for “Banzai’s Got Talent” are OPEN!!!

Banzai's Got Talent Submissions

Banzai’s Got Talent submissions are now open!

Banzai’s Got Talent wants you! Yes, you!

Have a talent you want to share with Anime Banzai? Sing, dance, martial arts, instrumental?

We want to see what you have! Make it all the more fun and do it as one of your favorite characters.

This is not a competition and no one is going to judge you. So no worries! Just get on up there and have fun showing what you can do!

Don’t want to participate? That’s okay! Come and watch the show. Support your peers and friends. The more the merrier. We’re all about the fun.

Sign up today here!

Second Quarter Free Passe Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the following three people for playing Linda’s FaceBook Points Game and winning a free weekend pass to the 2017 Anime Banzai Convention! Play the game for more chances to win.

Winner 2 - Kristina Ferguson

Winner 2 - Ben Johnson

Winner 2 - Spencer Thurman

NOTE: This is not what the actual pass will look like. Printing this off and using it and/or altering it will not gain you access into the Anime Banzai Convention.

Secondhand Sale Registration Now Open!

Secondhand Sale Flyer

Got stuff?

Got TOO MUCH stuff?

Need to downsize your collection?

Can’t find your bed?

Bring it (your stuff, not your bed!) to the Secondhand Sale at the Anime Banzai Convention! It will be held 9:00am Saturday morning at-con in the Main Events Hall. Pass all your goodies on to the loving arms of fellow anime fans.

All commercially licensed, non-mature-rated goods are welcome! Anime, manga, figures, plushies, wall scrolls – you name it! But it has to be legitimately licensed. No bootlegs. Bootlegged products will be grounds for ejection form the sale and possibly the Anime Banzai Convention as well.

So join us and turn your clutter into cash!

Hurry – tables sell out fast!

To register, please e-mail Kris Olsen at [email protected] She will send you the Seller Contract and any other information you will need.

May Pre-Con Event – Showdown at Salt Lake City (Auction Event)


The Auctioneer challenges you to a fight! Are you ready to face them? Have you collected Banzai Bucks to participate in the auction? If the above answers are yes, you will want to join Anime Banzai for a night of fast pace bidding.

As always, you are encouraged to wear cosplay; but it’s not required. And, of course, this event is completely, 100%, no-fine-print, absolutely, pinky-promise, cross-our-hearts FREE!!!!!

For more information on times, Banzai Bucks, donations, and more, please see this page! We’ll see you there!

Panels Registration is OPEN!

Good News Everyone

Registration for Panels is now OPEN! If you want to host an awesome panel, just fill out this form and tell us all about it!

All panels will be considered by the Panels Committee. They will let you know whether you’re approved or not, and when/where your panel will be if you are accepted. These are first-come-first-served, so don’t wait!

April Pre-Con Event – A Murder through Time


Join The Doctor and Anime Banzai to catch Jack the Ripper on Saturday, April 1!

This is no joke, people! Dress up from your favorite era, whether it be a prehistoric dinosaur or modern day android. The Doctor will need your help looking throughout history. For more information and to sign up to get a character for the murder game (not required to attend the event!), please go to this page.

And, of course, this event is completely, 100%, no-fine-print, absolutely, pinky-promise, cross-our-hearts FREE!!!!!

“Your Name” Movie Tickets

Tickets for the Makoto Shinkai movie Your Name are on sale!

Your Name

The movie is showing starting April 7, 2017 at multiple theaters and times, which can be found via this site. Your Name has recently become the highest grossing anime film world-wide, having beaten the previous record holder Spirited Away. Come see why!

Tickets are sure to go fast, so try to get yours soon!

Movie Ticket

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