Kiba Walker is a Voice Actor and musician from Dallas, Texas, who’s no stranger to Anime Banzai. Since his last appearance, Kiba has appeared in a couple of Funimation properties, such as Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card, Black Clover, Garo Vanishing Line, All Out!, and most notably in Junji Ito Collection (Tsukano Ryou). He’s also appeared in various games, providing the voices for Sota Kobayashi (Full Service), Keitaro Nagane and Yoshinori Nagira (Camp Buddy), Faeryn (Dear Monster), Kenta (To Trust an Incubus), Soren (My Magical Demon Lover), Amon and Gnart (Earthlock Festival of Magic), Eike Crimson (Victus Vincimus), and many others.

Kiba runs his own channel, KibaKovers, where he covers anime and video game songs, as well as streams modern games. He also shares a channel with Cole Feuchter, called the Retrocade. Kiba is also a host of Gamestop TV, seen across stores countrywide and on YouTube. He’s excited to come back to Anime Banzai!