December Pre-Con Event – Holiday Party

Join us for a night of tradition and fun!

The Anime Banzai Staff will be hosting their Annual Holiday Party. Come ready to play games and sing; there will be a gingerbread making competition; and, of course, our yearly White Elephant Gift Exchange.

Rules for Item(s):

  • Total original retail value of the item(s) must total more than $5 and less than $15 (we don’t want people to be too cheap or too expensive)
  • If you want to give pins or multiple cheaper items, their combined original retail value must be equal to $5 or more, less than $15. For example: 5 pins originally worth $1 each.
  • You may also buy your gift.
  • Items should be Japanese related like: pocky, ramune, yan yan; or even new DVDs, manga, ect.
  • Age Appropriate: please keep things PG-13 rated or less; no 18+ and no nudity!!!!
  • Item’s Condition: MUST be good to like new. That means no holes in shirts or broken things.
  • Items that are NOT Accepted: VHS tapes – no one wants that. Let’s keep our outdated media collection to ourselves.