Events: 4th March 2017

Starting on November 1st, the Anime Banzai Catch Them All game will start! To play the game, pick a starter Pokemon and message it to Linda Caponigro Young: 1. Squirtle 2. Bulbasaur 3. Charmander Over the next 11 months, whenever you see a Pokemon that Linda has posted, let her know by PM which Pokemon […]

The Permanent Mascot Contest is a chance for artists to redesign Banzai’s mascots, Ban and Sai, in their own style to be used no matter the year’s theme. This is a separate contest from the normal, yearly, themed mascot contest. There are different rules and prizes. You may enter one or both – your choice! […]

Join Anime Banzai for a night of relays and challenges. Anything goes at this event! Do you have what it takes to become a martial artist in the art of tea ceremony? As always you are encouraged to wear cosplay; but it’s not required. If you are collecting Banzai Bucks for this year’s auction, remember […]