The Cat Returns

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  • English Dubbed – Sunday, April 22 12:55pm
  • English Subbed – Monday, April 23 7:00pm
  • English Dubbed – Wednesday, April 25 7:00pm

Haru Yoshioka is your ordinary high school girl who has trouble making decisions for herself. One day, she spots a strange cat crossing the road with a small present … and a truck headed straight for it! Haru doesn’t even stop to think before jumping in front of the truck and getting them both to safety.

This one selfless act initiates a chain of events that sends Haru on an epic adventure. The cat she saved turns out to be no ordinary feline, but Lune, Prince of the Cats. In honor of her bravery and for saving his life, he offers to marry her. Haru mutters a reply which is taken for a “yes”, and for better or worse, her fate is sealed.

Haru may start off an an everyday girl, but after her descent into the world of cats, she returns a different beast entirely.

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This is not an actual event, merely something we felt our attendees would be interested in knowing about.