Showdown at SLC (Auction Event)

Event Details


The Auctioneer challenges you to a fight! Are you ready to face them? Have you collected Banzai Bucks to participate in the auction? If the above answers are yes you will want to join Anime Banzai for a night of fast pace bidding.

From 6:00pm-7:30pm there will be check-in for you to get your Banzai Bucks and during this period of time there will be laser tag going on. From 7:30-9:00pm will be the auction. All participates at minimum will receive 1000 Banzai Bucks. All other Banzai Bucks come from donating food and pop tops. The team with the most cans at the beginning of the auction will receive an extra 5000 banzai dollars.

As always, you are encouraged to wear cosplay; but it’s not required.

And, of course, this event is completely, 100%, no-fine-print, absolutely, pinky-promise, cross-our-hearts FREE!!!!!

All canned foods are being donated to the Utah Food Bank.


Pop tabs are being donated to the Ronald McDonald House at Primary Children’s Hospital.