Banzai Olympics – Maid vs. Butler Baseball

Event Details

Do you love cosplay? Have you always wondered what it would be like to compete while in cosplay? Well today is your lucky day! This year we are holding the very first Annual Banzai Olympics! Over the summer, you could participate in Olympic events while in cosplay and go for the gold. We will host and film these events, then screen the competitions at the 2018 Anime Banzai Convention. These events are designed more for fun and roleplaying rather than competition, so you do not need to be skilled in the event you wish to participate. Location to come.

As the name would imply, we are looking for maid and butler cosplayers to play baseball on Saturday, July 14th. The cosplay requirements are simple: either a maid or a butler cosplay. That’s it. Keep in mind the baseball diamond will be dusty, but no one is required to slide home if they don’t want to. Location to come.

We are hoping to get at least six (6) people per team, but would love to see full teams of nine (9).

If you are interested in participating in this event, please message Linda Caponigro Young or Daniel Shepherd on Facebook or the Events committee via the Contact Page. We always love to have an audience, so feel free to come and cheer everyone on!