Scavenger Hunt


Scavenger Hunt

Each year, the Anime Banzai Convention runs a convention-wide scavenger hunt challenge. You will be tasked to find as many marked, themed characters as you can. You will get a special item to collect unique to each character you find. The Scavenger Hunt will not begin until a specified time on Friday and not all characters will be available at all times.

Remember to look for the Anime Banzai Makona Quest Bags. Only characters with these bags will have the collectors’ items. Do not bother other attendees who many be cosplaying characters from the Scavenger Hunt’s theme. ONLY the staff members with the Makona Quest Bags will have the charms you’re looking for.


The Scavenger Hunt Awards: You have worked all weekend collecting the charms and now it is time for your reward! For every so many items you collect you will be entered into a raffle. To claim your raffle number in the event it’s called, you must be present at the Sunday night Award Ceremony. You will be able to get your raffle tickets starting at a specified time Sunday morning at the Scavenger Hunt counting station. Otherwise, all raffle tickets will be given during set up for the Scavenger Hunt Award Ceremony.

There are many charms to collect. However, some of these charms MUST BE COLLECTED BEFORE THE ANIME BANZAI CONVENTION.

The first charm could only be obtained by pre-registering for the Anime Banzai Convention. Pre-Registration is now CLOSED.

The second charm was only available at the Pre-Con Scavenger Hunt Kick-Off at the Annual Picnic.

Remember: THESE TWO CHARMS WILL NOT BE GIVEN AT THE CONVENTION. The other charms are to be collected at the Anime Banzai Convention. Without the other two charms, you will NOT be eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing at the Anime Banzai Convention.

Scavenger Hunt!