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2017 Anime Banzai Convention Panel Line-Up

Anime Group Games

Come play classic group games, all with an anime twist. In this panel, you won’t just sit and watch. So join the fun! Win some prizes! Make some friends!
Featuring: Jessica Arthur

Appetizing Anime

How does a drawing of food make your mouth water? There are so many great scenes in anime with dishes that look delicious. Let us share some of our favorites as well as the recipes that inspired them.
Featuring: John Evans, Breanne Evans, Brittany Evans, and Lindsay Starke

Artists’ Alley 101

Come join the Artists’ Alley Director and full-time vendor to learn about Artists’ Alley, how to participate, and the next steps in preparing a booth!
Featuring: Brittney Weiland

Ball Jointed Doll Meet

We get together to see each other’s dolls and talk about them, doll companies, clothing manufacturers, etc.
Featuring: Kris Olsen

The Best Anime You’ve Never Heard Of

Come join an Old-taku and watch clips from forgotten gems of the golden age, as well as some bright new diamonds in the rough.
Featuring: Aaron Lee Yeager

The Big O Objective-Based Narrative

We’ll be covering the simple steps of determining what your characters want and making sure their every line and every action is a pursuit of that desire.
Featuring: Author G. S. Denning

Black Butler Book of Circus Q&A

This is an interactive panel between the characters and the audience. It is to feel as if they have been invited backstage from the circus show to meet the troupe.
Featuring: Jackie Hogan, Jacob, Karessa, Jade, Faye, Yazmine, Aubrey, Morgen, Mitzy, Caitlin, Thea, and Jesse

Black Butler Dancing Lesson

In-character dance lessons for those who want to learn how to waltz for the Formal Ball. On-hands dance lessons taught by Sebastian.
Featuring: Jackie Hogan, Jacob, Yazmine, Karessa, and Faye

A Celebration of Harems

Six amazing people all want to date me? Um, yes! And can I have some more, please? Come join the discussion and clip show as we cover the best of the harem genre, and why we love it so much.
Featuring: Aaron Lee Yeager

Competitive Erotic Fanfiction 18+ only

Come join Anime Banzai’s version of the Nerdists “Competitive Erotic Fanfiction”. Hear three full-length stories and three short, on-the-spot stories of the audience’s choice!
Featuring: Andrew Neff

Cosplay 202

Everyone has been to a Cosplay 101, but now it is time for the next step. We will talk about contests, leveling up your cosplay with advanced techniques, and taking photos. See you there!
Featuring: Nicholas Adams and Kristen Milliner

Cosplay Acting 101

You have your cosplay. Yay! Now you have to bring the character to life. You’ll learn the basics of acting, improv, and how to perform on a stage. Learn from participating in games and demonstrations.
Featuring: Kimberly Butterfield and Jasmyne Calegory

Cosplay Connect We Unite, We Support

Our group and panel strives to present a workshop that will explore cosplay stories and team-building activities to strengthen the cosplay community system of support.
Featuring: Kira Coelho

Cosplay International! Cosplay around the World

Our panel of guests will discuss personal experiences cosplaying in other countries and with competitors from around the world, as well as give recommendations for putting your best foot forward abroad!
Featuring: Diana Tolin

Creating Compelling Cosplay Performances A Two-Part Workshop

Creating cosplay performances can be daunting. This two-part workshop goes over ideas to help choose your costumes, music, venue, and number of cast in Hour One. Hour Two covers staging, movement, and Q&A.
Featuring: Diana Tolin

D&D – Game Mastering Q&A

Game Masters with many years of experience will take questions and each answer the questions simply, or discuss game stories and valid situations.
Featuring: Morgan Hubbart

F.A.C.E. Off!

Four fierce competitors locked in a room with their biggest fears: each other. All fighting for the title of victor. Who will emerge alive? Presented by Allied Countries Cosplay.
Featuring: Katy Burk, Sydney Gardner, Isabel Juliao-Martin, and Lacee Sorensen

Audrey Greenhalgh - Both

Filming a Cosplay Music Video

Cosplay Music Videos (CMVs) are a fun way to show your cosplays to others while embodying the characters. We’ll discuss tips and tricks on what to do when filming your CMV as well as how to share it!
Featuring: Katie Parker, Jessica Weyman, Marii Fullmer, and Tianna Fullmer

From Anime to Idols

Sometimes it’s hard being an anime fan, especially when you realize some of your favorite anime characters look exactly like a Korean idol.
Featuring: Marta Ramirez and O’harah Sheffield

Guide to Seinen and Josei

Come and join us as we explore the wonderful world of many and anime targeted for adults. Works such as Goodnight Punpun, >20th Century Boys, Orange, and Chobits will be discussed.
Featuring: Kirsten Milliner and Nick Adams


Come join some of your favorite players for Q&A, challenges, dares, and much more!
Featuring: Moonthara Alexis Lertsongkham

Hallyu in Japan

The hallyu wave hit Japan 20 years ago, and now many Korean artists are promoting in Japan. To celebrate both cultures, we will feature them in a random dance play. Can you handle it?
Featuring: Marta Ramirez and O’harah Sheffield

High-Class Nerds Manga Club

The High-Class Nerds Manga Club is a book club that is three years strong. We have a list of recommended title of manga for you to read!
Featuring: Katherine Traynor, Sage Snarr, Madeline Staley, and Chloe

How Diabolik Can Vampires Be?

Ever wonder what vampires do that make them evil daily? The Sakamaki brothers are the best to find out that answer.
Featuring: Rosemary Sage, Renee Watchmen, Elyssa Mayo, Angela Heinze, Cheltzie Bryant, and Alex Orchard

How to Critique Anime

Come to this panel to learn how to critically review anime. Learn what animation quality means, and how to talk about things you like and don’t like about a given anime.
Featuring: Josh Jones and Athena Colt

How to Draw Anime: Advanced

Come learn tips and tricks to bring your art to the next level.
Featuring: Brittney Weiland

How to Get into the Video Game Industry

Come and hear from video game developers about how they broke into the industry, and get tips and tricks on a difficult but rewarding career path.
Featuring: Josh Jones

Japanese in an Hour

This is not your basic phrasebook Japanese. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to ask and answer simple questions in Japanese and talk about what they have done or will do.
Featuring: Charlotte Meyer

Let’s Form Voltron

Come chat up with Team Voltron and ask all those questions you’ve been dying to get answered, along with discussions about the show!
Featuring: Jade Lindgren, Ashley Sudweeks, Jesse Winslow, Erin Whitemore, Ashlee Hatchet, and Bailey Butler

Live-Action Anime Adaptations Why so Difficult?

A comedic discussion of the difficulties of creating real life anime adaptations. Which anime series deserve an adaptation? Why? Who should do it?
Featuring: Stephan Watson

Love Live! Halloween Festival!!

Come join the members of µ’s for a spooktacular carnival filled with idol-themed games and Halloween howls! Play games to win prizes or just sit back and relax with the µ’s Q&A. We nico-need you!
Featuring: Danielle Root, Erin Asay, Eden Parkinson, Aubrey Donnelly, Haley Butcher, Natalie Millsap, Bethany Nunn, Natalie Nunn, and Sharlotte Mackert

Making Money with YouTube From Hobby to Career

Everything you need to know about making money on YouTube and Twitch, and how to turn your hobby into a full-time paid career! GhostWolf will cover ad revenue, contracts, networks, taxes, and more.
Featuring: Cody Tramp and Justin Berger

Mining Public Domain for Fun and Profit

The lesson for breaking into the industry is this: you can make your name and your first big publishing score by re-imagining a character or story that is already loved by thousands.
Featuring: Author G. S. Denning

Mirai Nikki, Black Butler

Panel will consist of the two anime/manga entitled Mirai Nikki and Kuroshitsuji. The panel is for both of these fandoms and allows anyone from these two or any other fandoms to join.
Featuring: Rylee Eggleston and Elizabeth Poole

Peore - Both

Miraculous Ladybug

Join Ladybug, Chat Noir, Adrien, and Marinette for a fun game of Truth or Dare, Q&A, and maybe even a few dating games.
Featuring: Megan McBride, Alyson Rose, Chloe Pope, and Sara Thompson

Notable Anime from the 80s and 90s II The Wrath of Con!

We’re back! For those of you who want to get into older anime and want to learn of some great titles to start with, we have returned to give you more notable anime from the 80s and 90s.
Featuring: Matt Allen, Eric Allen, Zack Allen, and Jordan Hadley

One Piece Fan Panel

Join us as we discuss Eichiro Oda’s long-running manga/anime series – from the world it’s set in to what lies in store.
Featuring: Raymond Jesse Schluter

Ouran High School Host Club Truth Or Dare and Q&A

Truth or dare games, Q&A, and audience games.
Featuring: Alison Vivian Seamans

RFA Host

The rfa got a crazy idea to do a host club. How would you like to join us?
Featuring: Oakley Savage

Ribbons 101

Want to learn about the new badge-ribbon craze? Come to this panel to learn how to participate, swap ribbons, and maybe earn from free ones!
Featuring: Renna Mira

Spots On and Claws Out

Come interact with the infamous heroes Ladybug and Chat Noir, and discover all their hidden secret.
Featuring: Jade Lindgren, Jesse Winslow, and Ashley Sudweeks

Super Fun Impression Time

Think you do the best impressions out of all your friends? Ever feel like a vocal contortionist? Put your skills to the test acting out scenarios with other con-goers, and make some friends along the way!
Featuring: David Joseph

Teddy Bear Speed Cosplay

Oh no! Our ten teddy bears aren’t ready for the convention! Can you (and up to two friends), using the supplies provided, help them get their cosplays ready? Prizes sponsored by OTAKU HAVEN Anime Store.
Featuring: Ben Sawyer and Kierra Sawyer

The Terrifying World of Psycho Pass

In a world where thoughts are crimes and you can be jailed for something you might eventually do, is anyone actually free?
Featuring: Aaron Lee Yeager

Visiting Japan

Japan is the best! Join us as we share our recommendation’s on how to get out there and what to do once you arrive in the Land of the Rising Sun.
Featuring: John Evans and Lindsay Evans

Voltron: Legendary Defender Discussion and Q&A

Come meet the five defenders of the universe in this Q&A and discussion! We’ll have fun answering your questions and talking about our beloved Voltron team members.
Featuring: Kaitlyn Ghramm

Voltron Q&A

Come and ask the Voltron crew your most burning questions – and then watch us make fools of ourselves while we try to answer them! Wait … where’s Shiro?!
Featuring: Mystery Edwards, Mara Zicker, and Elizabeth Child

What in FABRICation? Choosing the Perfect Fabric for your Costume

A brief overview of choosing the perfect textiles for your creations. We’ll be discussing how to recognize the fiber content, weave, and weight of fabrics, and how it all affects what you’re sewing!
Featuring: Tifa Belle and Paige Warren

What’s New in Anime 2017

2017 has been another fantastic year for anime! Join the Anime Review Team and the Anime Happy Hour Podcast Crew to find out what’s new in anime and what you should be watching.
Featuring: John Evans, Breanne Evans, Brittany Evans, Lindsay Starke, and Alex Unsicker

What’s New in Sailor Moon

Updates on what’s new in the Sailor Moon fandom: new Viz dub, Sailor Moon Crystal, merch, comics, musical, etc.!
Featuring: Jamie Davis

YouTube for Noobs The Basics of Running and Growing a Channel

Have you ever wanted to start a YouTube channel? Do you have one and want it to grow? Then come learn the tricks of the trade from full-time YouTuber GhostWolf!
Featuring: Cody Tramp and Justin Berger

Yuri!!! On ICE Figure Skating Facts & Fandom Fun

Present by a life-long figure skater and a life-long speed-skater – all in cosplay. This is an all-ages informative Q&A on figure skating and a fandom/discussion panel, with the YOI trio leading!
Featuring: Chloe Kelson-Packer, Madelyn Slade Preston, and Shevonne Brown

Art by: Brittney Weiland