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2018 Anime Banzai Convention Panels

Policies have changed a little, so please read the Policies Information carefully before submitting your panel idea.

2018 Panel Policies

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Artists’ Alley 101

Come learn about the ins and outs of how to table in an Artists’ Alley!

Presented by: Brittney Weiland, Taylor Prothero, Morgan Lakeotes, Emily Neff

Ball Jointed Doll Meet

An opportunity to see, hold, and learn about Ball Jointed Dolls. Questions can be asked and there will be owners on-hand who can help with issues like stringing and which dealers are legit to buy from.

Presented by: Kris Olsen

Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic

Welcome to the famous Campania! Please come join Lord Phantomhive and his friends to talk and interact in the ship’s event room. Come ready to ask questions and see what The Undertaker is up to!

Presented by: Jackie Hogan, Sam Meany, Jacob Belyeu, Janeal Marchese, Brittani Dodge, Karessa Tilelli Miller

Black Butler Shinigami Orientation

Good day, class. Welcome to the Shinigami Dispatch Association Orientation. We are here to talk about your new role as a Shinigami.

Presented by: Jackie Hogan, Sam Meany, Jacob Belyeu, Janeal Marchese, Brittani Dodge, Tessa Rae

Final Fantasy After Dark

Ever wonder what your favorite Final Fantasy characters are like off-screen? Come hang with us and see at this 18+, no-holds-barred panel!

Presented by: Jackie Hogan, Sam Meany, Jacob Belyeu, Janeal Marchese, Brittani Dodge, Tessa Rae, Brad Christensen

Artist Credit: Ben Diez

Lessons from The Royal Tutor

Come join Professor Heine and the Royal Princes as they talk about their favorite moments and lessons! There will also be a Q&A, and maybe a surprise quiz as well…

Presented by: Madelyn Preston, Chloe KP

A Magical Girl’s Guide to Life

Meet Bow, the magical girl – a spunky, loyal, and crazy superperson (at least in her own mind). She wants to indulge you for a bit with her self-proclaimed (work in progress!) Guide to Life.

Presented by: Sara Ongchangco, Crystal Sciarrino

Make & Take Kitty Ears

Back by popular demand! What better way is there to start off your convention day than to get crafty and make yourself a pair of neko ears to wear?!

Presented by: Tena Driessen, Felicia Driessen, John Driessen, Elizabeth Fisher

Ribbons 101

Come learn more about the badge-ribbon craze that’s sweeping the convention scene! The first part will be Q&A about ribbons; the second half will be for ribbon trading/earning!

Presented by: Renna Mira

RWDE: RWBY with Da Evils

The villains of RWBY have never really had a voice … until now. Answer any burning questions you may have at the cost of getting helpful (or not) replies. Spoilers up to volume five – you have been warned.

Presented by: Michelle Vongdara, Tyler J Scholes, Cole Baker, Ezra Dunyon, Christina Boyd, Carol White, Victoria Hansen, Carlee Smith

Artist Credit: Stacy Syndergaard

So You Want to Enter a Cosplay Contest?

Cosplay contests – Have you been to one? thought about entering, but didn’t know what to expect? We’ll share insight on judging, discuss what to expect backstage, watch video clips, and participate in a Q&A.

Presented by: Krystal Stoner

Teddy Bear Speed Cosplay

Our teddy bears don’t have their cosplays ready again this year! Can your team of up to three people help them get ready before time runs out? Prizes sponsored by OTAKU HAVEN Anime Store.

Presented by: Ben Sawyer, Kierra Sawyer

Wig Stylin with NostalgicAi

We will be going over wig styling basics as well as some easy maintenance for your wigs. We’ll also go over some more wig styling tips for specific kinds of wigs.

Presented by: Artemis Love, Olivia Lassig

Yaoi Panel – What the Heck Did I Just Read????

What the heck did I just read???? A look at the art and themes of yaoi manga with an emphasis on Naono Boura, Modoru Montoni, and Kotobuki Tarako.

Presented by: Kris Olsen

Yuri!!! on ICE After Dark

What happens after the ice goes dark and the skates come off? Come join your favorite figure skaters for some late night fun! Scandalous secrets and silly shenanigans abound!

Presented by: Madelyn Preston, Chloe KP

Artist Credit: Niccole Anderson