Panel Panel 2

2017 Anime Banzai Convention Panel Line-Up

Artist: Hiraku9

μ’s with Raindrop Idols

Come join the girls of Love Live‘s μ’s with Raindrop Idols! There will be dancing, trivia, games and more! Come watch us perform!

The 230th Hunter Exam

Do you have what it takes to be a hunter? Enter the world of Hunter x Hunter and take its famous exam! Participate in physical trials and mentally challenging puzzles worthy of a hunter’s praise!

Actually Moving the Payload

Come join an interactive experience with Overwatch characters while playing games to train for Overwatch missions and successful objectives. Be prepared to move and make new allies … and enemies!

Alternate Crafting Materials

Learn to make props that are as strong as solid wood from things you already have at home.

Anime Group Games

Come play classic group games, all with an anime twist. In this panel you won’t just sit and watch, so join the fun! Win some prizes! Make some friends!

Appetizing Anime

How does a drawing of food make your mouth water? There are so many great scenes in anime with dishes that look delicious. Let us share some of our favorites as well as the recipes that inspired them.

Artists’ Alley 101

Come join the Artists’ Alley head and full-time vendor, and learn about the Artists’ Alley, how to participate, and the next steps in preparing a booth!

Ball Jointed Doll Meet

We will get together to see each other’s dolls and talk about them, doll companies, and clothing manufacturers.

Artist: Jeff Jacobs

Berserk The Strongest Fantasy Manga

Come join us in a discussion of the best-selling seinen manga in America, ranging from the gruesome Black Swordsman Arc to the latest high seas adventure!

The Best Anime You’ve Never Heard Of

Come join an old-taku and watch clips from forgotten gems of the golden age as well as some bright new diamonds in the rough.

Black Butler Book of Circus Q&A

This is an interactive panel between the characters and the audience. It is to feel as if they have been invited back stage from the circus show to meet the troupe.

Bleach The Good, The Bad, and Why It Got Cancelled

This is an examination of the Bleach series as a whole from Soul Society arc to the Quincy. What worked and what failed will all be considered to answer the question: could Bleach have been saved?

Bon Odori! Summer Festival Dance Lessons

This traditional summer festival has entertainment that is lively, colorful and intriguing. Come and learn some fun and easy dances performed at the local Obon Festival.

Can You Write a Good Mary Sue?

We take an honest look at the Mary Sue trope: why it’s unpopular and if it does have any redeeming qualities. We will also discuss on how to improve character and plot in your stories.

A Celebration of Harems

Six amazing people all want to date me? Um, yes! And can I have some more, please? Come join the discussion and clip show as we cover the best of the harem genre, and why we love it so much.

Artist: Lorie Weikel

Competitive Erotic Fanfiction

Come join in Anime Banzai’s version of the Nerdists “Competitive Erotic Fanfiction”. Hear three full-length stories and three short, on-the-spot stories of the audience’s choice!

Cosplay 202

Everyone has been to a Cosplay 101 panel, but now it is time for the next step. We will talk about contests, leveling up your cosplay with advanced techniques, and taking photos. See you there.

Cosplay Acting 101

You have your cosplay. Yay! Now you have to bring the character to life. You’ll learn the basics of acting, improv, and how to perform on a stage. Learn from participating in games and demonstrations.

Cosplay Confidence

Cosplay confidence will be about how everyone should feel comfortable and happy cosplaying.

Cosplay Connect We Unite, We Support

Our group and panel strives to present a workshop that will explore cosplay stories and team-building activities to strengthen the cosplay community system of support.

Cosplay Design Planning Out Materials, Budget, and Time

Looking at that character you want to create but are unsure of where to start? How much will it cost? Can I do it in time? Join the discussion on how to budget for that dream cosplay.

Cosplay International! Cosplay around the World

Our panel of guests will discuss personal experiences cosplaying in other countries and with competitors from around the world, as well as give recommendations for putting your best foot forward abroad!

Artist: Viktoriya Fajardo

Cosplay Pattern-Making!

Can’t find a pattern for your cosplay? This is the panel for you! Learn how to modify existing patterns, or create them from scratch! Recommended for those already familiar with the basics of sewing.

Create the Impossible With Green Jello Cosplay

Ever wonder how to make, or even start, that impossible cosplay? Join Green Jello Cosplay, international cosplay champs, as they share their creative process and answer your budding questions.

Creating Compelling Cosplay Performances A Two-Part Workshop

Creating cosplay performances can be daunting. This two-part workshop goes over ideas to help choose your costumes, music, venue, and number of cast in hour one. Hour two covers staging, movement, and Q&A.

Crossplay Basics

We will be teaching how to cosplay as the opposite gender, how to contour, how to safely bind, and much more; as well as providing live demonstration and supplies. This will cover both male and female crossplay.

D&D Game Mastering Q&A

Game Masters with many years of experience will take questions and each will answer the questions simply or discuss game stories and valid situations.

Daman Mills Voice Actor Q&A

Guest: Daman Mills
Daman Mills is a bit newer to the voice acting world, so you may be unfamiliar with this pale blond fella. Well, he’s also a fellow anime nerd himself, and he’d absolutely love to get to know each and every one of you! Got any questions about voice acting, what it’s like in a recording booth, or are you looking for tips on how to get into the industry? Maybe you enjoy any shows and games he’s been a part of such as Pokémon, Holy Knight, YIIK? Stop on by and say HAIII! JUST DO IT!

Dare the Host Club!

Join the Ouran High School Host Club for a game of Truth-or-Dare, some Q&A, and maybe even a few dating games.

Artist: NokaMocha

Dare the Love Square Miraculous Ladybug

Join Ladybug, Chat Noir, Adrien, and Marinette for a fun game of Truth-or-Dare, Q&A, and maybe even a few dating games.

Dating 101 with Kakashi-Sensei

Ever needed dating advice on how to get that special someone to finally notice you? Kakashi-Sensei is ready to help. Games, challenges, and a special guest appearance by Kabuto.

Dungeons & Dragon-Maids An Otaku’s Intro to Tabletop RPGs

Ever wanted to roll funny-shaped dice to combat imaginary monsters, but don’t know where to begin? Come learn the basics and how to integrate your inner otaku with geekdom’s oldest pastime.

F.A.C.E. Off!

Presented by Allied Countries Cosplay
Four fierce competitors locked in a room with their biggest fears: each other. All fighting for the title of victor. Who will emerge alive?

Filming a Cosplay Music Video

Cosplay Music Videos (CMVs) are a fun way to show your cosplays to others while embodying the characters. We’ll discuss tips and tricks on what to do when filming your CMV as well as how to share it!

Final Fantasy A 30-Year Epic

One of the oldest RPG franchises in video game history. The game that saved a company! Why do we love it? What do we hate? Let’s chat Chocobos, Summonses, Moggles, and more! P.S. – There might be spoilers

Free for All!!! (18+)

Guest: Sean Chiplock
A fast-paced, high octane, no punches pulled, adult-themed Q&A panel! Anything can happen in this crazy Q&A, but only if you’re older than eighteen years!

Artist: Athena Colt

From Anime to Idols

Sometimes it’s hard being an anime fan, especially when you realize some of your favorite anime characters look exactly like a Korean idol.

Fruits Basket Signs of the Zodiac

Who’s in the forest strolling? Fruits Basket characters! Come join us for Q&A about the legend of the Zodiac, and a game like none other: fruits basket!

A Guide to At-Home Voice Acting!

Guest: Michaela Laws
Were you ever curious on how to do professional voice acting from the comfort of your own home? Take advice from professionals who do just that!

Guide to Seinen and Josei Anime and Manga

Come and join us as we explore the wonderful world of manga and anime targeted for adults. Works such as Goodnight Punpun, 20th Century Boys, Orange, and Chobits will be discussed.


Come join some of your favorite players for Q&A, challenges, dares, and much more!

Hallyu in Japan

The hallyu wave hit Japan 20 years ago and now many Korean artists are promoting in Japan. To celebrate both cultures we will feature them in a random dance play. Can you handle it?

High-class Nerds Manga Club

The High-class Nerds Manga Club is a book club that is three years strong. We have a list of recommended titles of manga for you to read!

Artist: Challin Holloway

How Diabolik Can Vampires Be?

Ever wonder what vampires do that make them evil daily? The Sakamaki brothers are the best way to find out that answer.

How to Critique Anime

Come to this panel to learn how to critically review anime. Learn what animation quality means, and how to talk about things you do and don’t like about a given anime.

How to Draw Anime

How to draw people in anime. Paper and pencil recommended.

How to Draw Anime Advanced

Come learn tips and tricks to bring your art to the next level.

How to Get into the Video Game Industry

Come and hear from video game developers about how they broke into the industry and get tips and tricks on a difficult but rewarding career path.

How to Improve Your Cosplay Social Media

This panel will discuss basic marketing tips to improve your cosplay pages on social media. Topics include personal branding, various types of content, finding your audience, and more.

I’m Not Crazy, Only 5 of Me Are!

Guest: Sean Chiplock
The key to improving yourself as a voice actor is to expand your craft. But what exactly does that mean? Join Sean as you learn how to progress as a voice actor, and maybe even teach him a thing or two!

Artist: Julia Black

It Gets Better

Guest: Jamie McGonnigal
A chat with openly-gay, openly-married Pokémon voice actor Jamie McGonnigal. Join us and chat about what it’s like in your community as an LGBTQ person or ally, and how we can make things better for the next generation of LGBTQ folks.


This panel will be discussing the different cuisines of our favorite anime. Itadakimasu means “I humbly receive.”, but in meal time settings it roughly translate as “Thanks for the food.” or “Let’s eat!”

Japanese in an Hour

This is not your basic phrasebook Japanese. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to ask and answer simple questions in Japanese and talk about what they have done or will do.

Kigurumi Slumber Party

Do you have a kigurumi? Are you staying up late? Well, come to our Kigurumi Slumber Party where we will be playing games for prizes and watching some anime late into the night. PJs required, Kigus are not.

Kimono and Kitsuke 101

A practical lesson on wearing and caring for kimono, their colorful past and bright future, as well as resources for furthering knowledge of kimono and kitsuke.

Know Your Kimono

Be immersed in the world of kimono. We will go over the basics of kimono types, care, wearing, and kimono for any budget. REAL KIMONO, and LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS!

Artist: Kelsey Lamborn

K-Pop Random Dance Game

Want to show off your knowledge of K-Pop dances? Impress all of the audience with how well you do Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy”? Just want to gush about how cute Seungkwan is? Join this panel!

Live-Action Anime Adaptations Why so difficult?

A comedic discussion of the difficulties of creating real life anime adaptations. Which anime series deserve an adaptation, why, and who should do it?

A Look inside the Survey Corps

Have you ever wanted to ask the Survey Corps a question or dare them to do something? Well now you get that chance. Come stop by and ask the Survey Corps questions and play Truth-or-Dare with us. Come see what it is like to be part of this branch of the military.

Love Live! Halloween Festival!!

Come join the members of μ’s for a spooktacular carnival filled with idol-themed games and Halloween howls! Play games to win prizes, or just sit back and relax with the μ’s Q&A! We Nico-Need You!

Magical Girl’s Guide to Life

This magical girl’s only superpower is being a successful human being. She wishes to share her powers with all of you! She teaches you how defeat villains like Money, Debt, Relationships, and the Boss!

Make and Take Kitty Ears

limit first 50 people – no spot-saving or line-jumping allowed
Come join us to make your own set of kitty ears in this make and take panel!

Making Money with YouTube/Twitch From Hobby to Career

Everything you need to know about making money on YouTube and Twitch, and how to turn your hobby into a full-time paid career! GhostWolf will cover ad revenue, contracts, networks, taxes, and more!

Artist: Alexis Jones

Managing the Madness Keeping Your Complex Plots from Chaos

Having trouble wrangling all your plot lines into a neat narrative? We’ll cover working multiple plot threads into your writing and how to keep them all going in the right direction.

Mirai Nikki, Black Butler

Panel will be consisting of the two anime/manga entitled Mirai Nikki and Kuroshitsuji. The panel is for both of these fandoms and allows anyone from these two or any other fandoms to join.

Mormon and Otaku

A discussion on what it means to be LDS and also involved in anime fandom. Experiences, tips and tricks will be shared in relation to issues such as modesty, mature content, etc. All faiths welcome!

A Musical Analysis of Breath of the Wild And Why It’s Actually Way Cooler Than You Thought!

Why does the music from LoZ:BotW get so much hate? Is the game so good, that’s the only part we can criticize? Either way, come learn why Kataoka’s music is, in fact, awesome.

My Murder Academia A My Hero Academia Murder Mystery

The UA students are learning how to find clues and work with the police when they stumble across an actual body, and the clues point to your class! Can you figure out who did it and become number one?

Newly-Hired Grim Reaper Dispatch Orientation

Newly-hired Grim Reapers are required to do the orientation to better understand what it takes to be a Grim Reaper. Skills will be tested to see if they are worthy of being a Grim Reaper.

Notable Anime from the 80s and 90s II The Wrath of Con!

We’re back! For those of you who want to get into older anime and want to learn of some great titles to start with, we have returned to give you more notable anime from the 80s and 90s.

Artist: Daniela Rodriguez

One Piece Fan Panel

Join us as we discuss Eichiro Oda’s long running manga/anime series. From the world it’s set in, to what lies in store.

Openings from JP to US II: Tokusatsu+

Go back in time once again to where the only way you can watch anime is on weekday program or Saturday mornings with bad openings and all.

Osomatsu-san Neet and Greet

The infamous Matsuno sextuplets are single and ready to mingle. Wait, scratch that. Hilarious hijinks, silly shenanigans, your questions answered … probably. Quality not guaranteed.

Ouran High School Host Club Truth-or-Dare and Q&A

Truth-or-Dare, Q&A, and audience games.

Pokémon, Musicals, & Gay A Discussion with Openly-Gay Pokémon & Yu-Gi-Oh! Voice Actor, Jamie McGonnigal

Guest: Jamie McGonnigal
From his first con appearance in 1999, Jamie has been proud to be using his opportunities at cons to talk about being LGBTQ, and creating opportunities for fans to discuss who they are and the change they’d like to create in their own communities. Pokémon, Musicals, and Gay covers all of it. From questions about how to get started in voice acting to how to come out to your high school anime club.

Positive Fandom Representation

Being part of a fandom can be a wonderful thing. But sometimes it can go awry. This panel will explain what fandom is, how to join the fandom community of your choice, avoid potential pitfalls, and how to be a positive representative of your fandom of choice.

Prop-Making with Crepuscular Cosplay Wood, Worbla, and More

Come learn different tips, tricks and techniques to make props with a multitude of materials from medium to advanced difficulty.

Artist: Jenna Kemker

Psychology in Anime (18+)

Come discuss how some psychological principles are portrayed in some of your favorite anime. Anime and science can exist together in harmony!

The Random Q&A Hour with Warky

Guest: Warky T Chocobo
The slightly tamer side of the Wark. Come close out the convention with everyone’s favorite Chocobo!

Reaper’s Rebellion: Demo

Come one, come all to the Reaper’s Rebellion game demo panel! Enjoy with the audience play-through with its doses of slightly-above mediocre humor, snarky battle design, and a tower full of mystery.

RFA Host

The RFA got a crazy idea to do a host club. How would you like to join us?

Ribbons 101

Want to learn about the new badge-ribbon craze? Come to this panel to learn how to participate, swap ribbons, and maybe earn some free ones!

Run of the Mills Voice-Over Workshop

Guest: Daman Mills
Have you ever found yourself wondering what a voice actor’s script looks like? Ever wanted to try doing a cold read in front of a director, but you have never had the opportunity? So did I, and now you have that very chance! If you’re feeling up to the task, come on by and I will be providing a handful of script samples from different anime and video games to practice off of in groups. When given the script, I’ll be having you read them aloud and I will act as your director. I will give you constructive criticism on what works and where you can improve–to strengthen your acting chops! Whether you want to be a voice actor, or you’re just looking to have a good time, this is the panel for you! NO NEGATIVE FEEDBACK ALLOWED.

RWBY Galore

Come join the RWBY crew for Q&A, Yang’s terrible puns, Ruby’s obsession for cookies, Blake’s kitty ears, games, and much more!

Artist: Jessica Robbins

Schizophrenic Speed Date

We will be creating characters and developing them through conversation and roleplay. Bring characters you’re already working with or bring an open mind for new ones and flesh them out!

Seduce Me: The Otome Panel!

Guest: Michaela Laws
Did you play Seduce Me or Seduce Me 2? Got questions? We have answers directly from the writer herself! Come on in and meet Michaela Laws while getting your questions answered!


Three prop makers made shields from their favorite series/games with different materials. They will share their final product and the creative process while also answering your prop making questions.

Super Fun Impression Time

Think you do the best impressions out of all your friends? Ever feel like a vocal contortionist? Put your skills to the test acting out scenarios with other con-goers, and make some friends along the way!

Teddy Bear Speed Cosplay

limit 10 teams of up to 3 people each
Oh no! Our ten teddy bears aren’t ready for the convention! Can you and up to two friends, using the supplies provided, help them get their cosplays ready? Prizes sponsored by OTAKU HAVEN Anime Store.

The Terrifying World of Psycho Pass

In a world where thoughts are crimes, and you can be jailed for something you might eventually do, is anyone actually free?

Artist: Kimber McCall

Unique Fabric Painting with Jacquard Fabric Paints

An intro to Jacquard Fabric paints and their multitudes of uses on fabric and plastics, including an up close showcase of Diana’s WCS Saber Alter Costume, hands on samples, and prizes for attendees.

Visiting Japan

Japan is the best! Join us as we share our recommendations on how to get out there and what to do once you arrive in The Land of the Rising Sun.

Voltron Q&A

Come and ask the Voltron crew your most burning questions! And come watch us make fools of ourselves while we try to answer them! And – wait … Where’s Shiro?!?!?!?!

Voltron: Legendary Defender Discussion and Q&A

Come meet the five defenders of the universe in this Q&A and discussion! We’ll have fun answering your questions and talking about our beloved Voltron team members.

Wark after Dark (16+)

Guest: Warky T Chocobo
Come see Warky unplucked in this meet-and-greet, question-and-answer panel where anything and everything goes!

Welcome to True Cross Academy

Join your favorite classmen of Exorcists to some fun with a Q&A, whether they would press the button in “what if” scenario, and what advice would they give to one another in certain situations.

Welcome to Your Hero Academia! PLUS ULTRA!

Come for an interactive discussion on the wonderful, quirky world that is My Hero Academia. Compete in trivia games for the number one spot and all the assorted spoils that go with it!

Artist: Lindsey Conroy

Western Religions in Anime

Going over different religions and how they apply to anime in different fandoms, as well as how Asia tends to view them.

What in FABRICation? Choosing the Perfect Fabric for Your Costume

A brief overview of choosing the perfect textiles for your creations. We’ll be discussing how to recognize the fiber content, weave, and weight of fabrics, and how it all affects what you’re sewing!

What’s New in Anime 2017

2017 has been another fantastic year for anime! Join the anime review team and the Anime Happy Hour podcast crew to find out what’s new in anime and what you should be watching!

Wig Styling Beyond the Basics

Have you ever wondered just how those spikes got that spikey? Or how that updo stays up? Come learn everything from odangos to cornrows!

World Building 101

Building your world from the ground up – what to keep in mind and how to successfully apply it to your story or project.

The World God Only Knows Seducing 3D Girls with 2D Skills

Keima can win the heart of any girl … so long as it’s a dating sim. Now a demon has contracted him to make real girls fall in love with him. Oh, and if he fails, he dies.

Artist: Kirsten Milliner

Would YOU Use the Death Note?

Death Note has captivated audiences with its grey morality and complicated characters that completely blur the line between villain and hero. Come and see what has made this show such a success.

Writing Consistent Psychosis in Villains

How to identify and write consistent psychological states of minds in villains, anti-heroes, and minions.

Writing Dialog

All about the art of conversation and how to apply it to your story to make your character’s words readable and realistic.

Wubs 101 How to Write Your Own Freakin’ EDM

You know, whatever the critics may say, EDM is pretty freaking cool. Come learn the techniques, tips, and processes behind making the dopest music ever! (And no, you don’t need money!)

Yaoi History and Themes (18+)

A look at the development of yaoi as a genre and a brief discussion of the themes/tropes commonly found in it.

YouTube for Noobs The Basics of Running and Growing a Channel

Have you ever wanted to start a YouTube channel? Do you have one and want it to grow? Then come learn the tricks of the trade from full-time YouTuber GhostWolf!

Yuri!!! On ICE Q&A

Shall we skate? Come join your favorite skaters as they answer your questions and spill their darkest secrets! Come join us and play games, win prizes, and show off your skating knowledge!

Yuri!!! On ICE Figure Skating Facts & Fandom Fun

Presented by two lifelong figure skaters and a talented speed skater – all in cosplay! This is an all-ages, informative Q&A on figure skating and a fandom/discussion panel, with the YOI trio leading!

Artist: Mallory Daughety