Music and Dance

Artist: Nicci Anderson

Beacon Formal Ball

Come dressed in formal attire and dance to anime/video music! Suggested, but not required, is to come as your favorite RWBY character. Please read and follow the Formal Ball Attire Restrictions for entrance. The Royalty of the Formal will be picked and crowned – just show up to participate.

Dress Code for the Formal Ball

For men and masculine cosplays:

  • Slacks must be dress-pants, formal trousers, uniforms pants/slacks, and black jeans (no rips). NO shorts, blue jeans, skater pants, etc.
  • Tops must be button-up or tuxedo shirts. No polos, sports, or t-shirts.
  • Military uniforms are also acceptable.

For women and feminine cosplays:

  • Formal skirts and dresses only. Skirt/dress length should be down to your fingertips or longer. For dresses or skirts with side slits, the slit should go no higher than where your wrist naturally falls at your side.

For tomboyish female characters:

  • Please keep to the same standards as masculine cosplayers. For example, Sailor Uranus might be more likely to wear a tuxedo shirt and pants than a dress; this is OK!

For feminine male characters:

  • Please keep to the same standards as women and feminine cosplayers. Dresses are acceptable.

For everyone:

  • Shoes must be formal, closed-toed, or traditional Japanese footwear. Shoes that don’t meet these requirements will be turned away and asked to change.