Music and Dance

NokaMocha - Both Full
Artist Credit: Noka Mocha

Courtyard Entertainment

Are you or someone you know in the Performing Arts and want to show off your talents?

Well here’s your chance to show the attendees of the Anime Banzai Convention what you can do! Apply here. Please contact Linda and the Events Team at the email on the picture with any questions you have about the opportunity.


Vocameria featuring EmpathP

EmpathP is an America musician, illustrator, and producer from Virginia specializing in the creation of original Vocaloid works.

Vocamerica: The Western Vocaloid Concert Project is a Sunday morning concert at the Anime Banzai Convention and is included in the price of your Sunday/full weekend admission.


Formal Ball – Odori Matsuri Ball

To enter, simply come in your formal attire. Make sure to read the dress code rules carefully, as they will be enforced before entering. We will also be on the lookout to crown the formal ball royalty. In order to be qualified as King and Queen of the ball, a couple must come together and their costumes a match to one another. The Prince and Princess category will be selected individually. Secret judges will be searching for the royalty throughout the ball. Those who dress in theme of the ball will have a better chance at being selected for the royalty.


Dress Code for the Formal Ball

For men and masculine cosplays:

  • Slacks must be dress-pants, formal trousers, uniforms pants/slacks, and black jeans (no rips). NO shorts, blue jeans, skater pants, etc.
  • Tops must be button-up or tuxedo shirts. No polos, sports, or t-shirts.
  • Military uniforms are also acceptable.

For woman and feminine cosplays:

  • Formal skirts and dresses only. Skirt/dress length should be down to your fingertips or longer. For dresses or skirts with side slits, the slit should go no higher than where your wrist naturally falls at your side.
  • For tomboyish female characters, please keep to the same standards as masculine cosplayers. (For example, Sailor Uranus might be more likely to wear a tuxedo shirt and pants than a dress; this is OK!)
  • For feminine male characters, dresses are acceptable but they must adhere to the feminine cosplay requirements.

For everyone:

  • Formal shoes or solid black shoes only! (Tape will be provided for a wardrobe change if necessary.)
  • Absolutely no tennis shoes, canvas low-tops, or sneakers. There are only a few exceptions, and they must be pre-approved. For example, the 10th Doctor from “Doctor Who” always wears high tops even with a tuxedo. This would be allowed since that is the canon costume.

Musical Quest

Anime Banzai’s Musical Quest

Free to get in – sing to get out!

Join Epic Fail cosplay on a quest for group karaoke with an RPG feel. No singing talent required. And no actual locks on the doors … since we were told that’s a form of kidnapping.

Art by: Brittney Weiland