Guest - Warky

Steve “Warky” Nunez is an award-winning Singer, Lyricist, Composer, Letterer, Editor, and Actor for Video Games, Film, Audiobooks, and more. Fresh off the set of Hulu’s series, “Chance” with Hugh Laurie, and CBS’s hit show, “User Friendly”, Warky decided to take some time of to moonlight here at Anime Banzai.

As an actor, Warky first broke into voice acting narrating audio books for the blind, and from there into all facets of media. Some of his favorite works include narrating, “The Souls of the Saintlands” Book series by Tonya Adolfson, Bali in “HunkiePop”, Lady Woo in Nexon’s, “Dungeon Fighter Online”, Rift Bubbles in “Heroes of Newerth”, The Demon Lord in The Seduce Me Otome Series, Mujo Kino in the “Yandere Simulator Male Rivals Video”, and in Ant-Man playing as a Homeless man.

As a musician, Steve is a singer of the Parody Mormon Band, “They Might Be Elders”, of which he sang and wrote lyrics for all of his albums. He has composed music and done Post-Production work for Video Games, Television, Movie Trailers, and more. For added fun, ask about his performances on Clarinet to Dubstep.

Under the tutelage of Yamila Abraham, CEO and award winning author of Yaoi Press, Steve got his start lettering for Yaoi Press’s web series, “The Yaoikuza”, and has worked on BL and Yaoi manga both in physical and digital print and most recently has worked on Full-Cast Yaoi Audiobooks such as “Zolabirth Bi”, “Trapped Wizard”, “The Yaoikuza”, and more! Steve looks forward to what the future has in store of him.

Alejandro Saab

Alejandro Saab is a Voice Actor and YouTube Influencer! As an influencer he has over 350,000 subscribers on YouTube with over 120+ million combined views! But his true passion is acting! Alejandro has found much success as a voice actor, having been cast in many projects such as Prince Lionhard in The Royal Tutor, Tamotsu Denkigai in Akiba’s Trip: The Animation, Uno in Nanbaka, Henry Marigold in the popular web series RQBY, Yusuke Igarashi in Kiss Him Not Me, Naomasa Tsukauchi in My Hero Academia, and more!

Crit Killen

Crit start working in films in the early 1980s in the Art, Design, and Special Effects departments. He studied under Sci-Fi Masters John Berky, Syd Mead, Ray Harryhausen, Doug Trumbull, and Mark Stetson. Crit’s first job was as a concept designer for the movie Blade Runner.

His career has spanned 34 years and given him the opportunity to work on some eighty-five motion pictures in production design and on another ninety-some films behind the scenes crafting stories and consulting on script and film structure.

Crit has taught university-level classes at USC, UCLA, and BYU in screenwriting and production design.

Crit has a unique approach to film analysis and structure. He has created what he calls the DNA Story Helix model and has coined the terms “WantsPlot”, “NeedsPlot”, and “The Sampson Moment”, among others, to illustrate the path the main character takes when weaving their way through a story.

Daman Mills

Guest - Daman Mills

Spanning across the map from New York to Texas, Daman Mills is a Voice Actor that records for anime dubs primarily with FUNimation Entertainment. He has worked with many talented folks at studios such as Okratron5000, DuArt Film & Video, Sound of Cadence Studios, and an abundance of others. Besides ADR dubbing, Daman also records for video games, commercials, promos, and telephone prompts. He enjoys a healthy overdose of coffee, being fabulously fashionable, blanket forts, and binge-watching Netflix. Daman is beyond thrilled to be in FUNimation’s Theatrical Release of One Piece Film: Gold as the voice of Tanaka, Gran Tesoro’s head of security.

Potentially best known as the voice of Jyugo in FUNimation’s English Dub of NANBAKA, Daman has also worked on popular franchises such as Pokemon as a member of the villainous Team Flare, as well their 18th film adaptation Pokemon the Movie: Hoopa & The Clash of Ages. Daman provides the voices of Yakov Feltsman in Yuri!!! on Ice, Honebami Toushirou in Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru, Laine Brick in elDLIVE, Prince Schwan in ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept., Velnar in Chain Chronicle – The Light of Haecceitas, Lt. Weiss in Saga of Tanya the Evil, Haruhiko Hanasaki in Trickster, Star Scribe Thoth and various skins in SMITE, The Krow in YIIK: A Postermodern RPG – with other titles including:

  • Drifters
  • Masamune-kun’s Revenge
  • Akiba’s Trip
  • Kiss Him, Not Me
  • Puzzles & Dragons X
  • Cheer Boys!!!
  • Holy Knight
  • Show By Rock
  • Regalia: Of Men & Monarchs
  • All Out!!

For more information check out Daman’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and/or YouTube channel.

Jamie McGonnigal

Jamie McGonnigal has been a voice actor for nearly 20 years and is known for his roles as Ash’s rivals, Barry and Trip on Pokemon. He has also been heard on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and 5DS (Brron, Thunder, Blitz), Viva Pinata (Teddington Twingersnaps), One Piece (Kuromarimo, Eyelash), Huntik (Tersely), Three Delivery (Eugene), Chaotic (Vlar), Weiss Kreus/Knight Hunters (Omi), Magic Users Club (Takeo), Kirby (Whippy), Big Windup (Kamou), Beck (Yoshito), Gokusen (Uchiyama), El Cazador de la Bruja (L.A.), Kizuna (Ranmaru), and games including Shadow Hearts from the New World )Johnny Garland) and Viva Pinata. His voice has been heard on Cartoon Network, Fox Kids, DisneyXD, Playstation, and XBox.

Outside voice acting, Jamie works as an LGBTQ advocate and has produced more than 200 Broadway concerts and events. Alongside his husband, Jamie organized the rallies outside the Supreme Court during the Prop 8 and DOMA hearings, and has spearheaded RootsCamp, the nation’s largest convening of progressive organizers for the past 5 years. He can frequently be heard sharing political thought on SiriusXM Progress 127 and HuffPost. Jamie lives in Hyattsville, MD with his thoroughly charming husband Sean.

Find out more here!

Michaela Laws

Michaela Laws is a Chicago-based game developer, voice actor, singer, and gamer. She was behind the creation of “Seduce Me the Otome”, “Remember, Remember”, “Blind Love”, and many more games available on Steam. She has had the wonderful privilege to be part of the popular in-development game “Yandere Simulator” as Yandere-Chan, the YouTube Minecraft series “MyStreet” as Aphmau’s mother Sylvanna, and other brilliant projects. She is excited to attend the Anime Banzai Convention and enjoy the weekend in awesome company.

Sean Chiplock

Guest - Sean Chiplock

Sean Chiplock is a professional voiceover artist who has been quickly moving his way further into the industry, voicing in projects across the board from video games, to anime, to name-brand commercials. Some of his recent roles include Revali, Teba and The Great Deku Tree in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” Rean Schwarzer in the “Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel” series of games, Navarre from “Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse,” Spade/Dail in “Freedom Planet 2,” and Rash in “Killer Instinct,” with many more “TBA” roles moving through the pipeline. Older roles included Zenke (Fairy Fencer F), Cassim (MAGI), Ozma and Gruda (YS: Memories of Celceta), and Kiyotaka Ishimaru (DanganRonpa). Outside of interactive media, he has also recorded for DISNEY-PIXAR CARS toy lines, and even performed as GameStop’s official “Voice of God” for their yearly conference.

Sean’s intense energy and devotion to his performances stems from his equally vibrant personality, and he enjoys talking to anyone about basically anything, whether it’s providing insight into his progress as an actor or sharing slice-of-life moments from his more interesting real-life adventures. A gamer at heart, he issues a calm but stern challenge to any would-be Smash Bros. enthusiasts; as the #1 Mega Man on the West Coast – and Top 3 in the USA – he guarantees any willing rivals a hard battle to overcome.

When not tackling his freelance work, he often enjoys writing parody skits and songs based on his favorites games, several have been based off the popular indie game “Undertale”, including songs such as “Papyrus Makes a Mixtape” and “What’s Bonin’ On.” He also actively plays on the MMORPG “Tree of Savior,” switching between numerous different classes as he assists others with leveling their own. Sean also frequently tackles fan questions & creates audio snippets on his Tumblr page. He currently resides in sunny California, battling traffic almost as often as he battles his animated rivals.

For more information check out Sean’s LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Jazzy & Dustin Kofoed

Cosplay Contest Judges

Jazzy & Dustin started cosplaying ten years ago at the Anime Banzai Convention as boyfriend and girlfriend. Now married, cosplay has stayed an integral aspect of their relationship through the years. They began cosplaying casually, but grew into competition. Jazzy sews the outfits and styles the wigs, while Dustin creates armor, props, and accessories. They love crafting together and meeting new cosplayers from all around. Please say “hi” if you see them!

Diana Tolin

Cosplay Contest Judge

Diana has been cosplaying for over 20 years. She has won awards all over the US and recently traveled to Japan to represent America as Team USA 2016 at World Cosplay Summit. Her costume company, dialC, has created custom costumes for the Real Escape Room Game ‘Defenders of the Triforce’ which is currently traveling in the USA and Canada.

Diana has helped spearhead several American Cosplay Paradise events and proudly organized the World Cosplay Summit Team USA Retrospective at Anime Impulse 2017. She especially enjoys spending time interacting with and supporting cosplayers by sharing her experiences and knowledge of cosplay at home and abroad. She has judging experience with Anime Expo, San Diego Comic Con, and World Cosplay Summit (to name a few) and can’t wait to visit Anime Banzai!

Guest - Diana 2 . Guest - Diana 3

DJ Jpan

Guest - EmpathPEmpathP is an American musician, illustrator, and Producer from Virginia. Specializing in the creation of original VOCALOID works, her credits include illustrating the Celtic English VOCALOID “AVANNA” and voice providing for the American English VOCALOID “DAINA”.

Through her self-promoted music and art studio “Empathy Studioes”, her wish is to spread the love for VOCALOID technology across the United States. As the manager of VOCAMERICA: The Western VOCALOID Concert Project, she and her team have worked hard for over a year to make the dream of a western VOCALOID concert series a reality.



Cosplay Contest Halftime Show Entertainment

JupiterJupiter began as a songwriting endeavor to blend melodic hooks, introspective lyrics, and trance rhythms into songs that are both catchy and meaningful. Its six members (located in various towns across Utah) are drawn from diverse backgrounds, ranging from classic rock to opera; and from the self-taught to the collegiate. Each bring their own perspectives, talents, and experiences to the mix. They have been performing around the inter-mountain west for 10 (ten) years now, and are pleased to be a part of the Anime Banzai Convention this year.

Pannonator’s Pan-Tastic Cosplays (Pannon)

Cosplay Contest Judge

Pannon has been cosplaying since 2001. Over the past 16 years, she’s refined her craft and competed all over the United States and abroad! Pannon has won over 60 awards nationwide. She and cosplay-partner, Garnet Runestar, won the title of Team USA in 2014 as part of the World Cosplay Summit, and got to represent the US again in June 2017 as Team USA in The Netherlands’ C4 competition.

Though she still competes in the international circuit, Pannon has also judged for over 30 contests, returning as an Alumni Judge for the World Cosplay Summit as well as several national cosplay contests. She has since worked professionally in the field of costuming and fashion ever since. Pannon worked for two years as Lead Designer and Seamstress for a professional sports mascot-making company where she built mascots for the Utah Jazz, Denver Broncos, Chicago Bulls, Charlotte Hornets, and many more.

She is currently a designer, seamstress, illustrator, and pattern-maker for a local dress-making company that specializes in fanciful gowns for photographers and fashion shoots, and runs her own brand of fashionable bags and accessories on the side.

Guest - Pannon 2 Guest - Pannon 1 Guest - Pannon 3