Pannonator’s Pan-Tastic Cosplays
Guest Cosplay Judge

Pannon (aka The Pannonator’s Pan-Tastic Cosplays) has been cosplaying since 2001. Over the past 17 years, she’s refined her craft and competed all over the United States and abroad! Pannon has won over 60 awards nationwide. She and her cosplay-partner, Garnet Runestar won the title of Team USA in 2014 as part of the World Cosplay Summit, and got to represent the US again in June 2017 as Team USA in The Netherlands’ C4 Competition.

Though she still competes in the international circuit, Pannon has also judged for over 30 contests, returning as an Alumni Judge for the World Cosplay Summit, as well as several national cosplay contests. She continues her craft professionally in the field of costuming and fashion. Pannon worked as Lead Designer and Seamstress for a professional sports mascot company, where she built mascots for the Utah Jazz, Denver Broncos, Chicago Bulls, Charlotte Hornets, and many more.

She is currently a designer, seamstress, illustrator, and pattern-maker for a local dress-making company that specializes in fanciful gowns for photographers and fashion shoots and runs her own brand of fashionable bags and accessories on the side.

Guest Cosplay Judge

Renna started cosplaying in early 2013 and has yet to come up for air. Her life is a constant state of crafting in any and all free moments. She has been competing since her first convention, and has one several Best-in-Show awards and Best in Master Class awards all over the western United States. She finds the greatest joy in learning new things, and sharing experiences with others. She is absolutely thrilled to be a guest at her home anime convention and can’t wait to see all the amazing talent close up.

Guest Cosplay Judge

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Sumikins is a veteran competitive cosplayer with 15+ years of experience specializing in garment construction and stage presentation. With over a dozen awards in performance and craftsmanship to her name, she has judged and competed in contests around the country and abroad, and has represented the United States as Team USA at World Cosplay Sumit 2010 and CICAF/China Cosplay Super Show 2017. When not devoting time to building costumes and performing, Sumikins is also an aspiring writer and cosplay photographer. This will be her first time attending the Anime Banzai Convention, and she’s excited to meet everyone!

See more at her website.