Artist: Paige Warren

Anime Bingo

Everyone loves a good game of bingo and prizes! Join the Anime Banzai Convention Staff for a unique game of bingo that is all anime. Forget B-2; look for A-YURI!!! On Ice. See how many anime you can mark off your card. Win the round, win a prize.

Anime (Family) Feud

Bring yourself. Bring your friend. Bring your cosplay family! It’s Family Feud with an anime twist. Present by Epic Fail Cosplay – join us for prizes, fun, and an extra dose of sarcasm.

Anime Jeopardy

Award-winning American show meets anime! If you like Jeopardy and like to show off your anime trivia skills, then this is the game for you. Play against other players and the clock to see if you can earn the title of Anime Banzai Jeopardy Champion.

Artist: Kristina Balay

Anime Telestrations

Play this entertaining and fun game with your friends. You will not be able to keep a straight face! One person draws what they’re told. The next person draws what they see from the first person’s drawing, and so on and so on. Then, everyone guesses what they saw for hilarious and unpredictable outcomes. All with an anime theme.

Anything Goes Trivia

Do you think you are an anime know-it-all? Or do you think you could get by on your physical abilities alone? Either way, this is the game for you. Come see what your anime aptitude is and if you are the top anime know-it-all!

Assassin Machine

Have you ever wanted to be an assassin? Yearned to be an assassin? Been forced to learn how to be an assassin so that a Giant Octopus Monster doesn’t destroy the world?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions (hopefully not the last one…), then we invite you to our assassination classroom. Work alone or with friends to come up with a plan to assassinate your targets using a set of limitations and tools. Our expert assassination instructors will then determine how well your assassination will go and award prizes for the best plans. We hope to see you in the classroom!

Artist: Princess Deerie

Banzai Village 2017 – Pokemon Style

Something is afoot on Gold Island! Become a Pokemon and help others solve the mystery to save all the Pokemon! Every game is different, and players who come back will be rewarded.

BRAWL – Battle Festival

A mysterious benefactor has appeared at the Anime Banzai Convention, and is holding a battle festival. Does your team have what it takes to win?

Charades Down The Line

Are you good at Charades? How about the old-school game Telephone? Well, we have taken these two childhood games and put them together for an event of the silliest proportions.

Artist: Princess Deerie

Cosplay Chess

One of the Anime Banzai Convention’s longest-running events, Cosplay Chess is an interactive event set on the Main Stage. Cosplayers become pieces on a chess board, while the Heads of Chess direct them across to their opponent’s side.

If one piece attacks, the stage clears for an epic battle. Will the duel be fierce or funny? That’s up to the cosplayers on the board!

Pre-register online or sign up at the event (if spots are still available). You can also just watch the crazy fights people come up with when their pieces meet on the battle field, uh, chess board. Right. Chess board. …

Whether you’re a veteran of our convention or a newbie not knowing what to expect, Cosplay Chess is one of the best ways to start your experience at the Anime Banzai Convention! Sign-Ups are now OPEN!!! Just fill out the form!

Artist: Darci Crandall

D&D Anime Style

Join our Banzai Events Game Masters for a simplified Dungeons and Dragons game with your favorite anime characters.

Improv 101

Whether you want to learn how to improv or just have fun with people at the convention, this event is for you! Learn basic improv rules, then apply those rules as we play improv games in a small group. This event is hosted by improv extraordinaire WerePanda Productions – so you know it’s going to be good. We’ll see you there!

Intergalactic Laser Wars

Are you and your friends ready to face each other in an Intergalactic Laser War? If so, the Anime Banzai Convention will have a first-time laser tag arena for one (1) day only. If you think you can win in this Intergalactic Laser War, join us Friday of the convention!

Artist: Darci Crandall


This fast-paced, memory-based card game has been played in Japan since the Edo period. Traditionally utilizing 100 waka poems, Anime Banzai presents Karuta with anime characters! From classic to contemporary, if you think you know your anime and you like to compete, this is the game for you!

Name That Anime

Can you tell an anime by a generic picture or quote? If you think you can, this is your game. See how well you do against your opponents. Will you be the top competitor, or will you need to do a little more anime-watching?

Storybox Anime

Spark your creativity with generic anime characters, settings, and plots drawn at random. Then put it all together to make a 2-5 minute anime skit. Enjoy the artistic expression, collaboration, and lots of laughs from your own anime presentations. You will join with other participants to create the anime and/or present it.

Artist: Magy Curiel

Summer Wars HANAFUDA Koi Koi!

Come join Natsuki in learning and playing the card game HANAFUDA. Whether you’re a fan of Summer Wars or have never seen the movie, played the game, or even heard of it – all are welcome to have fun!

WerePanda Production’s Puzzle Quest

It’s time to test your riddle knowledge once again! make your way through our puzzle maze, encountering puzzle after puzzle, to score loot and win prizes. Work alone or with friends and see whether you have what it takes to complete our Puzzle Quest.

What’s Up, Kappuru?

Do you like playing the game Head Bands? Well, we have added a twist with anime characters and their soul mates! Join us for some laughs and partner searching.

Artist: Magy Curiel

Whose Line Is It Anime?

Be the panda. Be, be the panda.

Now transform the panda. Transform the panda.

Now go WerePanda. Go, go WerePanda. Rawrrrr!! Add a little Epic Fail Cosplay, and you done got yourselves an improv show!

Yuri!!! On ICE Weakest Link Grand Prix Challenge

Do you think you are the strongest link in the chain toward the eternal glory of the Grand Prix finals? In this hybrid of “Family Feud” and “Survivor”, hosted by Victor Nikiforov, contestants test their trivial mettle as a team and against each other through many different Yuri!!! On ICE topics. After each round of play, the team votes out the most expendable member, who instantly gets the bladed boot. The last person standing will bring home the gold – or at least the grand prize.

Artist: Candace Chelsey