Crafts at the Anime Banzai Convention!

Fan Making

Meditation, yoga, and deep breathing are good for the soul. So is coloring a fan with crayons and absolutely no shame. For at least one of these things, come to Fan Making! Get away from the hustle and bustle of the halls to get a cooling paper fan and stay to color or take it with you. Children are welcome!

Fan Making

Sailor Moon Compact Notebook Make & Take

In the name of the Moon, punish your enemies with your very own Sailor Moon compact notebook! Design your own or make one just like your favorite Sailor Scout – it’s up to you! Kids and kids-at-heart are welcome!
This event does have a ATTENDANCE CAP, so make sure to get there early!!


Soot Sprite Bookmark Make & Take

Do you like Studio Ghibli? Of course you do!

Come and get a soot sprite bookmark and take the lovable, iconic little guys with you everywhere you go! All ages are welcome!

Sailor Moon

Speed Cosplay

This is a three-day cosplay-making competition! You have one (1) hour to make a cosplay out of the stuff we provide you and your team of up to five (5) other people – so drag your friends along! The winners of Friday’s and Saturday’s Speed Cosplay get to move on to Sunday, where there will be a final showdown of the best of the best to win a prize.

Speed Cosplay

Check back often for more crafts!