Buying and Selling

Art Show Contest

The Art Show Contest is a place for everyone to show off their artistic skills. It’s also a place to sell your artwork and get a chance to win prizes. Entering is free with your convention badge.

We accept artwork done in the themes of anime, video games, sci-fi/fantasy, and variations thereof (please see the Rules for the full list). We accept artwork in 2D (drawings, paintings, digital graphics, photography, etc.) and 3D (sculptures, sewing/crochet, various crafting products, etc.) art styles. Nothing made using a pre-existing pattern is allowed.

All entries will be voted on by the convention attendees, and eligible to win awards and prizes in the following categories: Best 2D, Best 3D, Best Junior (for artists aged 14 years and under), and Best of Show. Voting takes place all day Friday and Saturday, so entering Friday does give you a slight advantage.

You must be able to pick up your artwork or money (if it’s sold) on Sunday between 2:30pm and 3:30pm. Entries are only accepted in person at the convention during the drop off times.

    Thursday – 8:00pm-9:00pm DROP OFF
    Friday – 11:00am-1:00pm DROP OFF
    Saturday – 11:00am-1:00pm DROP OFF
    Sunday – 2:30pm-3:30pm PICK UP

Please read ALL the entry rules before committing to the Art Show Contest.

The Art Show will be hosting a silent charity auction to raise money for breast cancer research at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Charity items are not part of the voting contest nor will the artist receive any money from sold pieces. ALL proceeds will go to the charity. Please email the Art Show if you would like to donate anything to the Charity Auction.

Artist: Jade Snyder

Artists’ Alley

Looking for a unique or special souvenir that’s cute, crafty, or just plain gorgeous? Then come and visit the Artists’ Alley! Artists’ Alley is a venue for a variety of artists from all over to come promote themselves by selling their creative works in various mediums.

There is NO photography, videography, or recording of any kind allowed inside the Artists’ Alley.

Food and drinks are NOT allowed inside the Artists’ Alley.

    Artists’ Alley Hours

    Thursday – 5:00pm-11:00pm SET-UP ONLY
    Friday – 9:00am-9:00pm
    Saturday – 9:00am-9:00pm
    Sunday – 9:00am-3:00pm


    Adrian Ropp
    Art by Graham
    Art of Tawna Duncan
    Artwork by Chris Cayco
    Ashley Love
    Bandi Studios
    The Bean Baguette
    Blakeley Boren’s Art
    Bleached Kitten
    Canis Ovis
    Cosplay Scramble, Carmendee Dragons
    Curious Origins
    Death Taffy
    Deeply Dapper
    Devil’s Bakery
    Dream Gear Studio
    Epicycle Studios
    James Ghio
    Jemma Young Studios LLC
    Kawaii Power Up
    Of Sky Society
    Pink Po’uodo
    Plot Bunny Studios
    Rocky Mountain Dragons
    Saavy Sleeves
    SaBasse Studios
    Sage of Wind
    Sincerely Sam
    Spring Willow Studios
    Star Trees
    Steam of Ed
    Story of the Door
    VasiColors, Papaya Badger

Charity Quilting Raffle

Help the Anime Banzai Convention in supporting Utah Autism Give, a local charity that helps children and their families. For the third year we will be raffling off anime-themed quilts made by Teresa Reeves and Kristina Furguson. You can purchase your ticket at the Information Booth/Volunteers Tables in the main lobby. Tickets are $1 each, seven (7) for $5, fourteen (14) for $10, etc. So help the Anime Banzai Convention raise money for Utah Autism Give! Tickets can be purchased throughout the entire convention; the raffle will take place during Closing Ceremonies.

For more information on Autism Gives, check out their website.

Autism Give 1

Secondhand Sale

Got stuff? Got TOO MUCH stuff? Need to downsize your collection? Can’t find your bed? Bring it (your stuff, not your bed) to the Secondhand Sale at the con and sell it to the loving arms of fellow anime fans. All commercially licensed, non-mature goods are welcome. Anime, manga, figures, plushies, wall scrolls, you name it, but it has to be legitimately licensed. No bootlegs! Bootlegged products will be grounds for ejection from the sale and possibly the con as well. So join us and turn your clutter into cash! Treasures abound if you’re hearty enough to trek the whole trip, beginning to end.

Secondhand Sale

CONTRACTS ARE AVAILABLE. Please email Kris Olsen (email on the image above) for the rules and contract. There are a limited number of tables, so act quickly! Deadline is October 10, 2017.

Vendors’ Hall

Licensed merchandise of all kinds is being sold in its new location – Eclipse Expo B. There are plushies, cosplays, wigs, jewelry, posters, figurines, collectibles, shirts, bags of holding … There’s too much to list and so much to see! So bring your wishlist and check a few (or all!) items off that list!


    Anime Banzai
    Anime Palace
    Anime Pavilion
    Anime V
    Bishounen Boutique
    Cartoon Passion
    A Charmed Life
    Christian Gaastroom
    Closet Otaku
    Collectors Universe
    Cosplay Moo Moo
    Entertainment Mart
    Epic Cosplay
    Fanciful Gift
    Global Anime
    Green Tea Design
    Hobby Fan
    Manga Sensei
    PulsArt Studios
    Shark Robot
    Sun Anime
    Toshiko Inc
    Toy Mandala
    Toys Logic
    Uber Dungeon
    Yes Anime

Vendors’ Hall Layout

Vendors' Hall

UPDATE ALERT: The entrance and exit to the Vendors’ Hall is now through the back parking lot.