18+ Events

Jenni Davis

All of these events are 18+ and require an 18+ wristband.

  • You can get one 18+ wristband per valid government-issued picture ID (it must have both your name and birthdate on it).
  • The wristbands are available at the Information/Lost & Found table in the Sky Lobby (between the stone pillars).
  • You must be 18 years of age as of the date you request the wristband. No exceptions.
  • You may be asked to show your valid picture ID to get into these events even if you have a wristband.

18+ Late Night Cosplay Match Game

Anti-heroes and villains rejoice! It’s your time to shine. The heroes have all sorts of fun during the day. But at night, the villains come out to play. Come join a wide cast of diabolical anime, video game, television, and comic book characters for a game show you’ll never forget!

If you can beat another randomly selected audience member by matching what our panelists guess, to questions asked by our host – YOU WIN THE PRIZE!! Come for the unneeded monologues, overdramatic schemes, and (of course) villainous laughter!! Muahahahahaa!!!

Artist: Jenni Davis

18+ Late Night Improv

Want to hone your improv skills and participate in various improv-style games? Here, anything goes and the audience (that’s you) get to be the improv artist for the night. Dirty jokes and politically incorrectness welcome!

18+ Live-Action Nightmare

“I am the Gatekeeper! I rule this game. And you will obey my rules.”

Join the Anime Banzai Convention team for a Midnight game of Life-Action Nightmare where you will become a subservient to the All-Mighty Gatekeeper. Collect all of the Keys to win and escape your date with the Gatekeeper, or take a trip to Hell.

It’s all up to the Gatekeeper…

Artist: Paige Warren

18+ Mad Lib Theater

Want a good laugh? Then this is the event for you! The audience will take a scene, fill it out with random verbs and adjectives, and watch them come together to create quite a spectacle. If you think you don’t mind making fun of yourself a bit, come check out this game!

18+ Pubu Testo

Anime Pubu Testo (pub quiz). ALL the fun of your average pub test with more anime and no alcohol.

Bring your friends for group trivia and prizes. Don’t worry about bringing your phone – you won’t need it.

18+ Speed Dating

This is a fast-paced event to meet new friends for the weekend. Get to know other otakus and make new friends.

18+ What Otakus Don’t Talk About

This is an open discussion that is audience-driven. Feel free to talk about anything in this discussion. It is a safe place to talk and get your feelings heard. NOTE: Opinions and views do not always have to align, but conversations will remain civil and everyone will respect everyone else’s opinions.

Artist: Hayden Laver

18+ Whose Line Is It Anime?

Epic Fail Cosplay and Werepanda Productions have teamed up again to bring you all the things we can’t say (or do) during daylight hours. Don’t forget to bring your ID!

18+ YAY

Are you over 18 years of age? Like yaoi? Like yuri? Then come to the YAY event and mix with fellow yaoi/yuri lovers. We will play games, have giveaways, and have discussions about our favorite mangakas and tropes.

Artist: Hayden Laver