Sign-Ups & Submissions

Sign-Ups and Submissions

Below are listed the different contests and events for which you may sign up or submit an application. Some have deadlines, so make sure you read the information and rules very carefully.

Hellsing: BRAWL

The royal Order of Protestant Knights are looking for new recruits to destroy the undead and other supernatural forces of evil that threatens the Queen and Country. If you think you have what it takes, join us for this year’s Hellsing: BRAWL to show us what you’re made of. Registration is open!!

Cosplay Chess: the Fall of Batman

The annual cosplay chess match continues, but this year the villains have prepared a special surprise for the heroes…

Don’t miss out on this absolutely fun cosplay contest at the con! This year we have a special guest judge – Cole Feuchter! Make sure you fill out the Registration Application!

Host Your Podcast at Banzai

Would you like to record an episode of your podcast at the Anime Banzai Convention? Then let’s do it! Contact our Advertisement Department to get all the details to get your podcast heard at the coolest anime convention in Utah!