Scavenger Hunt

Artist: Peore

Scavenger Hunt: The Dark Tournament Kick-Off

This year’s convention-wide scavenger hunt is based on Yu Yu Hakusho‘s The Dark Tournament. You will be tasked to find as many Yu Yu Hakusho characters as you can. For each character you find, you will get a special charm unique to that character. The Scavenger Hunt will not begin until 2:00pm on Friday after the Kick-Off has ended and all characters have had a chance to disperse.

Scavenger Hunt: The Dark Tournament Charm Counting Station

Have you been collecting the Scavenger Hunt charms all weekend? Do you want to win prizes for collecting the charms, but hate waiting in the line before the award ceremony? This year you can get your charms counted before the award ceremony on Sunday from 9:00am-1:00pm. Just skip to getting your tickets!

Scavenger Hunt: The Dark Tournament Award Ceremony

Did you find our Yu Yu Hakusho characters and collect their charms? If you did, come to this event and win prizes! Whether you have found five (5) charms or all of them, you can win prizes from a small trinket to the Grand Prize (this depends on how many charms you have found).