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2018 Anime Banzai Convention Panels

Advanced Cosplay Makeup

Do you know your way around a makeup store pretty well and want to up your cosplay makeup skills? Then come talk about prosthetics, fake tattoos, bloody wounds, and more!

Anime from the 90’s You NEED to See

If there was a special high school for anime fans (wouldn’t that be freaking amazing?), what would be the required courses? Come join some Old-taku and drink deep from the legacy of the golden era.

Anime Jeopardy!

Anime Jeopardy! Think you know your anime trivia? Then come show off your grand weeb knowledge and win some prizes!

Anime Out of Context
The Show Where We Attempt to Explain the Weird Wonderful World of Anime

Live recording of the podcast Anime Out of Context.

Artists’ Alley 101

Come learn about the ins and outs of how to table in an Artists’ Alley!

Ask the Dungeon Master

Ever wanted to run your own campaign? Have burning questions about evil things you could do to your players? Questions will be taken and answered with each DM’s experience and solutions.

Avoiding the Con Plague
Stay Healthy at Cons

Do you ever leave the con feeling sick, or like you are about to die? Did you remember to wash your hands? If not, this is the panel for you! Come learn how to stay healthy at cons.

Ball Jointed Doll Meet

Here is an opportunity to see, hold, and learn about Ball Jointed Dolls. Questions can be asked and there will be owners on-hand who can help with issues like stringing and what dealers are legit to buy from.

The Best Anime You’ve Never Heard Of

Come join an old-taku and watch clips from forgotten gems of the golden age as well as some bright new diamonds in the rough.

Black Butler: Book of Atlantic

Welcome to The Famous Campania! Please come join Lord Phantomhive and his friends to talk and interact in the ship’s event room! Come ready to ask questions and see what The Undertaker is up to!

Black Butler Shinigami Orientation

Good day, class. Welcome to the Shinigami Dispatch Association Orientation. We are here to talk about your new role as a Shinigami.

The Good, the Bad, and Why It Got Cancelled

Could Bleach have been saved? This panel is an examination of Bleach as a whole from Soul Society arc to the Quincy. What worked and what failed will all be considered to answer this question.

Body Positivity in Cosplay

How do you get the perfect cosplay body? Easy! Put a cosplay on your body! Join us as we discuss body positivity, how to build self-confidence, and, most importantly, how to love the body you’ve got.

Box of Lies: Anime Edition

Truth or lie? Test your ability to lie and keep a straight face when forced to explain the random context of a box for someone to determine if you are lying or not.

Bridging Worlds
Making Crossovers Work

Learn the common types of crossovers, how to make them work, and what to avoid. We’ll also cover how to mesh contrary genres in ways that make sense, with examples. IE: A recommendation list of awesome fics!


Are you a BTS ARMY? So are we! Come join us and meet other ARMYs from the area! We’ll be doing activities such as: Guess the Song, Do You Know That Dance?, and much more. Hope to see you there!

A Celebration of Harems

Six amazing people all want to date me? Um, yes, and can I have some more, please? Come join the discussion and clip show as we cover the best of the harem genre, and why it works so well.

Choosing Fabric for Your Cosplay

Not sure what your fabric is? Confused about which fabrics are good to sew and which are nightmares? What’s best for capes? suits? ball gowns? This is the panel for you! We’ll cover the best fabrics for cosplay creation!

Class Meet Up ft. BNHA

Join in with the students of class 1-A for a Q&A, truth or dare, and other games. Join these students to also receive some small prizes and for a fun day in class.

Conventional Wisdom

Come learn about fan conventions, making the most of your convention experience, and maybe share tips of your own.

Cosplay Acting 101

You have your cosplay. Yay! Now you have to bring the character to life. You’ll learn the basics of acting, improv, and how to perform on a stage. Learn from participating in games and demonstrations.

Cosplay Photoshoots
What Are Those?!

This panel goes into all things related to cosplay photoshoots for both cosplayers and photographers. From scheduling, to posing or advertising, to editing. Want to learn more? Come to the panel!

Cosplay Support Group

Sometimes cosplaying gets stressful and you have no one to vent to. So, let’s all vent to each other! Also, maybe get a cool prize?

A Group Rant

Come laugh at your past mistakes and learn from others! This is a group vent session for all things cosplay.

Create the Impossible!

How does one “Create the Impossible?” Meet two local crafters, Pigtails & Power Tools Cosplay and Rhealdrien Cosplay, as they talk about their stories and processes for making their dream cosplays.

Crimes Against Anime

Your waifu is on trial for Crimes Against Anime! That trope is an act of treason! Come to this interactive, action-packed event to see you favorite (or least favorite) anime go up against the court!

D&D to Detatoko Saga
Tabletop Role-Playing From Japan

A brief history of tabletop role-playing games, their influence, modern Japanese TRPGs, and how gamer culture changes in Japan.

The Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch

Come join The Fierce Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch as they recount their journeys with princess Yona!

Fairy Tail Mayhem

Come read fanfictions and play a dating game with the mages of Fairy Tail!

Final Fantasy After Dark (18+)

Ever wonder what your favorite Final Fantasy characters are like off-screen? Come hang with us and see at this 18 and older, no holds barred panel!

Fire Emblem History

Are you a fan of Fire Emblem, or new to the game series? We’ll take you through the Fire Emblem franchise and discuss the old and new games.

The Great Anime Debate

Ichigo and Rukia invite all debaters to tackle the hard questions in all things anime! Prove your opinion to be superior without unleashing your Bankai!!

Guide to Seinen and Josei Anime and Manga

Come join us as we explore the wonderful world of manga and anime targeted for adults. Work such as Goodnight Punpun, 20th Century Boys, Chobits, and Chihayafuru will be discussed.

The Holy Waifu Wars

Who is the greatest Waifu of all time? Come and join in the debate where you the audience get to vote. Enter the war as we tackle the greatest question of the modern era: WHO IS BEST GIRL?

How to Critique Anime

Come to this panel to learn how to critically review anime. Learn what animation quality means, and how to talk about things you like and don’t like about a given anime.

How to Draw Anime

Some beginning tips, tricks, and points to people looking to start drawing anime well.

How to End a Pokemon Movie (Musically)

What makes a good end theme for a Pokemon movie? How do the Japanese and English songs compare? Which songs are your favorites?

How to Get into the Video Game Industry

Come and hear from video game developers about how they broke into the industry and get tips & tricks on a difficult, but rewarding, career path.

How to Get Started as a Content Creator
Hosted by the GNRO Podcast!

Explaining the basics of beginning to be a content creator for any platform including doing research, creating segments, and even finding good guests for your content.

How to: NaNoWriMo

Have a story just itching to come out? Come learn tips and tricks from seasoned veterans on how to make the most of National Novel Writing Month!

I Ship It (18+)
Yaoi Pairings in Anime

Come for a discussion on some of the iconic yaoi pairings, both canon and non-canon, from anime. We’ll cover some brief history, the shifting views towards yaoi in fandom, and geek at the hotness.

I’m a Total Mystic Mess

Did you get our message? The party is about to start! Now is your chance to meet all of your favorite RFA members! Come and hang out as we answer your questions, play games, and reward you with prizes!

Intermediate Sewing Techniques

Now that you know the basics of how to sew, you can get started on leveling up your sewing skills. Learn how to use techniques like understitching, lining, seam finishes, bias tape mitering, and more!

What Are They and How Do I Get One?

Come and find out about the new trend of fashionable bags themed after your favorite anime characters! We will be going over what they are, how they became a thing, and how you can start your very own.


Did you ask yourself how do they make those oishii dishes in your favorite anime or manga? Well fret no more! Come and join us for a tantalizing discussion and question & answer. Itakimasu!

Japan 102

You know the basics from anime. Now let’s dive deeper into Japanese culture – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Bring questions and an open mind.

Japanese in an Hour

This is not your basic phrasebook Japanese. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to ask and answer simple questions in Japanese and talk about what they have done or will do.

Kigurumi Slumber Party

Do you have a kigurumi? Are you staying up late? Well, come to our Kigurumi Slumber Party where we will be playing games for prizes and just having a fun time! PJs required; Kigus are not.

Kitsuke 101

A practical lesson on wearing and caring for kimono, their colorful past and bright future, as well as resources for furthering knowledge of kimono and kitsuke.

Know Your Kimono

Be immersed in the world of kimono. Come learn the basics of kimono types, care, wearing, and kimono for all budgets. REAL SILK KIMONO and LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS!

Leather Armor 101

Leather is durable, forgiving to use, and intimidating to try and learn on your own. Bring your questions and learn about the basics to get started making your own leather armor.

Lip Sync Royale!

Ever wanted to show off your mad lip sync talents? Well now you can in this quick, fun, all sync lip sync battle!

Magical Girls
A History

From Magical Mami to Sailor Moon to Cardcaptor Sakura, Magical Girls have a long history. Come learn about the ones you love, and ones you haven’t heard of yet.

A Magical Girl’s Guide to Life

Meet Bow the magical girl – a spunky, loyal, and crazy super person (at least in her own mind). She wants to indulge you for a bit with her self-proclaimed (work in progress!) Guide to Life.

Make and Take Kitty Ears

Come and learn how to make and take home your own set of kitty ears! Space is limited to 50 attendees per day!

Make Your Kimono

Come learn how to make your own real kimono from scratch, modify patterns, techniques, and even alter existing kimono for plus size! Real kimono and hands-on experience.

Making Armor & Accessories with PVC Sheets/Sintra

Learn to make armor out of PVC sheets (called Sintra). This incredibly versatile material has the smooth texture of foam, but the rigidity of plastic. It can be used for props, armor, even jewelry!

Making Money with YouTube/Twitch
From Hobby to Career

Everything you need to know about making money on YouTube and Twitch, and how to turn your hobby into a full-time paid career! GhostWolf will cover ad revenue, contracts, networks, taxes, and more!

Mormon and Otaku

A discussion panel on what it means to be an anime fan and a member of the LDS faith, or a person of faith in general. This year we will focus discussing our favorite clean anime and share stories!

My Hero/Heroine Anime

Has an anime changed your life for the better? Come discuss what characters and shows have inspired you to live a better life. Please come dressed as, or bring a picture of, your hero/heroine.

My Villain Academia

Hey! Come join the villains from My Hero Academia. There might even be some new faces who have joined the dark side. Come ask us questions and dare us to do things. And join us for a game after!

No Jam!

What is it like to live in South Korea for a year? What does ‘no jam!’ mean?! Well I’ll tell ya! Come and learn from my mistakes as I tell you what it is like in the land of k-pop.

A Fake-It-‘Til-You-Make-It Guide to Accidentally Taking Over the World

There are many things to be learned from how the magnificent Lord Ainz Ooal Gown rules The Great Tomb of Nazarick. Come geek over the greatness and test your knowledge for prizes from the Treasury!

Paladin Bonding

Join the Paladins of Voltron for an hour of fun team-bonding games and activities, such as Truth or Dare and Q&A!

Party in the RFA!

The RFA formally invites you to their party! Come have some fun and meet some awesome people!

Brown Version

Pokemon is a franchise that has been going on for 20+ years now. So, let us take the time to reflect on some bad parts of the beloved series.

Positive Fandom Representation

Come learn and talk about fandom, being a positive member of the fan community, and how to avoid being a negative one.

Ribbon Design

Want to join in the ribbon making fun? Come learn how to make great ribbons using art design principles, how to avoid common design problems, and come up with fun ribbon ideas!

Ribbons 101

Come learn more about the badge-ribbon craze that’s sweeping the convention scene! The first part of this panel will be Q&A about ribbons, the second half will be for ribbon trading/earning!

RWBY with Da Evils

The villains of RWBY have never really had a voice – until now. Answer any burning questions you may have at the cost of getting helpful (or not) replies. Spoilers up to Volume 5! You’ve been warned.

Shin Megami Tensei Series

A panel dedicated to the Megami Tensei Series (Megaten). Come learn about this venerable franchise and what makes Megaten a world-wide success. Mild spoilers may be discussed.

Sliding Scale of Evil
Just How Crazy Are They?

We will go over some guidelines and thoughts about how to write the psychology of villains and anti-heroes consistently. We will also cover characters ranging from lawful neutral to chaotic evil.

So You Want to Enter a Cosplay Contest?

Cosplay Contests – have you been to one? thought about entering, but didn’t know what to expect? We’ll share insight on judging, what to expect backstage, watch video clips, and participate in a Q&A.

Subarashii Showdown

Limited to 48 participants! Hosted by the lovable idiots of Konosuba, this team-based trivia game will test your anime knowledge for fabulous prizes! Eight different rounds will determine who are the ultimate anime trivia champs!

Sunshine Circus!

The Sunshine Circus is in town! Join in on the fun as Daisuki Dreamers discuss the Love Live! Sunshine!! series, the Aquors, and the friendship within!

Super Ghibli Party

Compete in a board game filled with mini-games and trivia from your favorite Studio Ghibli movies. The team with the most points at the end wins a special prize. Limited to 30 participants!

5 Years of Proptastic Panels!

For the 5th anniversary of the prop-splosion panels, we are revisiting swords and bringing in more makers! There is more than one way to skin a cat so here we will have six ways to make a sword!

Teddy Bear Speed Cosplay

Our teddy bears don’t have their cosplays ready again this year. Can your team of up to 3 people help them get ready before the time runs out? Prizes Sponsored by OTAKU HAVEN Anime Store. Limited to 10 teams of 3 people!

Visiting Japan

We’ll be chatting about everything Japan, from the best way to get out there to what you can visit while you’re in the magical land.

Voltron Q&A

Come and join the Paladins of Voltron! Ask us questions about our adventures. Who knows, we might even figure out if Shiro is actually a clone. You never know what might happen…

Voltron After Hours (18+)

Join the Paladins of Voltron for some after-dark fun, including Truth or Dare, Q&A, Try Not to Laugh, and a few improv games.

Voltron: Legendary Defender Q&A

Come meet your favorite paladins and aliens! Ask anything you’ve wanted to know about them, and participate in fandom discussion and hype for the next season!

Lip Sync for Your Knife

Voltron Paladin Keith Kogane is on the hunt for someone skilled enough to join their fight against the Galra Empire. Show off your powers in the most grueling lip sync battle in the universe!

Waiting for You, Apanman!

Calling all KPOP fans! Come join the party full of games such as Do You Know the Dance?, What’s That Member From?, and even more. Every fandom is welcome. Blinks, ARMYs, EXO-Ls, etc. We hope to see you there!

Welcome to Your Hero Academia!

An open discussion on the wonderful, quirky world that is My Hero Academia. Compete in trivia games for the number one spot and all the assorted spoils that go with it! PLUS ULTRA! (Manga Spoilers)

What is the Greatest Anime of ALL TIME?

What is the greatest masterpiece anime has ever produced? Come and join in the debate where you, the audience, get to vote. Come crown the crème de la crème as the best anime evah!

What Not to Do with Your Female Characters

We’ve all seen them – cardboard cutout female characters that show up only for fan service and plot devices. It’s sadly common in media. Here’s how to avoid some common clichés when writing your own.

What’s New in Anime 2018

Dozens of new anime air every season. Join the anime review team and the Anime Happy Hour podcast crew to find out what’s new in anime and what you should be watching!

Whose Dungeon is This Anyway?

Want to know what’s it’s like to be a Dungeon Master with a ridiculous cast of players? Let’s play a D&D game run by audience suggestion and participation!

World Class Cosplay
Cosplaying in other Countries

Cosplay unites us, but the rules can differ in other countries. Join WCS alumni Krystal and Shannon as they share international cosplay experiences, tips, tricks, dos & don’ts, and some Q&A.

Yaoi Panel (18+)
What the Heck Did I Just Read?!

What the heck did I just read?! A look at the art and themes of yaoi manga with an emphasis on Naono Boura, Modoru Motoni, and Kotobuki Tarako.

YouTube For Noobs
The Basics of Running and Growing a Channel

Have you ever wanted to start a YouTube channel? Do you have one and want it to grow? Then come learn the tricks of the trade from full-time YouTuber GhostWolf!

Yuri Approved! (18+)

Learn what lesbian-esque anime is out there as we discuss and watch clips of notable girl-loving moments.

Yuri!!! on ICE After Dark (18+)

What happens after the ice goes dark and the skates come off? Come join your favorite figure skaters for some late-night fun. Scandalous secrets and silly shenanigans abound!

Yuri!!! on ICE
Through the Eyes of Figure Skaters

Come join two life-long figure-skaters-turned-cosplayers for an informative discussion and Q&A on figure skating and the Yuri!!! on ICE fandom!

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