Kids’ Corner

Artist: Brittney Weiland

Hero Training Camp

Have you ever wondered what it took to be a hero? Well now you can find out! Kids’ Corner is hosting a Hero Training Camp. Come put together your costume and then play games designed to help you train. Fun for all ages!

Artist: Amy Fineshriber

Villain Academy

The Heroes have had their day. If you feel that way, then this event is for you! Come join the Kids’ Corner Villain Academy. Take a moment and create your minion, then play games designed to challenge the mind. Because while the heroes have the brawn, we have the brains.

Artist: Eto

Heroes vs Villains

Both sides have trained, both are prepared. Now it is time for them to compete for dominance. Building on the Hero Training Day and the Villain Academy, kids of all ages will choose a side and then compete in fun games to determine who will finally win in the battle between Heroes and Villains.

Artist: Jeff Jacobs