Artist: Darci Crandall

Anime Bingo!

This is an anime twist on a modern classic, with arrangements of your favorite characters from different genres and different shows.

Anime Charades

You’ve heard of charades, right? Well this is the exact same thing – but with anime!

Anime Feud

Epic Fail has surveyed con-goers throughout the year to compile the ridiculous game you all know and love! See if you can guess which answers made the list this year, ridiculous or not. Everyone here is Family, and we are ready to bring the Feud!

Anime Password

Two contestants, each teamed with a partner, compete in a word-association game. One player tries to guess a word based on clues offered by his or her partner. The game is timed, and if the clue-giver inadvertently says part of the word, a buzzer sounds and that round is lost. When the time is up, the team with the most points wins, and the contestants win a My Hero Academia Funko POP!

Anime Pictionary

Drawing and anime? Put your doodling skills to the test against others while time is quickly ticking away. Show us what you’ve got with a little time, a pencil, and some paper to be the Doodle Guessing Master.

Artist: Stacy Syndergaard

Anime Taboo

Enjoy fast-paced games? Can you handle the pressure of describing different anime without giving it away? Then come play Taboo – anime style!

Anime Telestrations

Play this entertaining and fun game with your friends – all with an anime theme. You will not be able to keep from laughing! Draw what you see, then guess what you saw for hilarious and unpredictable outcomes.

Anything Goes Trivia

Two teams will verse each other in hopes of winning the prize at the end. Can you answer the questions correctly? Or will the opposing team take a chance for the points?

Should Team 1 be unable to give the correct response, Team 2 can either answer or “dare” their rivals to complete a challenge of the host’s choice … for DOUBLE the points, if successful.

Assassination Machine

It’s time to take your seat in the Assassination Classroom. Koro-sensei has unveiled his new machine, streamlining the assassination assignment process. Work together with your friends to complete your assignment and finally assassinate Koro-sensei!

Attack on Titan Laser Tag

Do you have what it takes to defend against the Titans? Come test your strength and prowess with weaponry and prove you are ready to take on the likes of the Titans themselves. Games start every 10-15 minutes.

Banzai Olympics: Battle Royale

Some of our attendees have participated in a wonderful array of mini-Olympic-like-events that were filmed and are now being screened at the convention. This is for entertainment. We thank those who participated. Now come and watch the videos that were taken during the events! Guaranteed entertainment.

Entertainment not actually guaranteed, but we’re fairly confident you will find some.

Artist: Brenna Lamborn

Banzai Village – Banzaiopolis!

A portal has opened above the convention center. Authorities are declaring martial law. Do you and your fellow con-goers choose to be bystanders, heroes, or villains?

Come with us and learn whether your moral choices save the day, or lead mankind to destruction. Everyone is a winner – except those who don’t play.

This event is being help once each day of the convention.

Banzai’s Got Talent

Banzai’s Got Talent wants you – yes, you! Do you have a talent you want to share with Anime Banzai? Sing? Dance? Martial Arts? Instrumental?

We want to see what you have! Make it all the more fun and do it in cosplay as one of your favorite characters.

This is not a competition, and no one is going to judge you. So no worries! Just get on up there and have fun showing what you can do! Pre-sign-up is required and closed.

D&D Anime Style

Do you like adventure, rolling dice, and dream of playing your favorite anime character? Join our Banzai Events Game Masters for a simplified Dungeons & Dragons game with your favorite anime characters.

Danganronpa Murder Mystery

A mystery is afoot! Someone has been murdered and we need you to come solve the mystery with some of the Danganronpa crew.

Dragon Ball Hunt

Have you ever wanted to search for the seven Dragon Balls? Well, here is your chance! This year we will be hosting a Dragon Ball hunt. Each egg, be it a Dragon Ball or a regular egg, will have a surprise inside. Join us for an egg hunt you will never forget!

Good Morning Night Games

What’s the best part of night time? Sleep. But aside from that, it’s the night games! Join Epic Fail as we play games like Werewolf & Mafia as we start up the Anime Banzai Convention!

Artist: Julia Black

Heroes in Jeopardy

Our heroes have found themselves in quite the entertaining predicament, one that you’ll most certainly enjoy watching. Each hero will complete challenge after challenge on-stage, for everyone to see, to prove they’re the best hero for the job. Will our heroes bravely save the day, or will they just make fools of themselves onstage? We look forward to seeing you in the audience!

I Like the Sound of That!

Are you the kind of person that hears a song, a sound, or a voice and knows EXACTLY what it’s from? Then we’ve go the game for you! Come play, make guesses, and get points if you “like the sound of that”.

Improv 101

Have you ever been unsure how your character would react in an unusual situation? Do you always come up with that funny quip a little too late? No matter what your goal, improv is a great tool to help you accomplish your cosplaying and life goals. Come join Werepanda for some lessons and laughs!


This fast-paced, memory-based card game has been played in Japan since the Edo Period. Traditionally utilizing 100 waka poems, Anime Banzai now presents Karuta with anime characters! From classic to contemporary, if you think you know anime and you like to compete – this is the game for you!

Heads Up! Anime Edition

Race the timer to guess the words based on the clues that you party gives you. You will be acting out and sounding out titles, names, or characters from your favorite anime and other things from Japan.

Artist: Hayden Laver

Mini Golf

It’s a battle to the finish between you and your arch nemesis – the elusive golf hole. Can you best the par and come out swinging? Come play and find out!

Musical Quest

Free to get in – sing to get out. Epic Fail returns with another RPG with a karaoke twist. Or is it the other way around? You’re going to have to go into a special musical number to figure it out. Good luck with that.

Talent not required.

PJ Party

General Otaku welcomes heroes and villains alike to Extreme PJ Games! Earn points for your team through competing in ridiculous Obstacle Courses, a Mini Cosplay Contest, and more. Not interested in physical exertion? Not a problem. Watch the games from our dedicated peanut gallery where you can put your feet up and laugh the night away with some traditional sleepover pastimes. Hosted by Epic Fail, it’s an event you don’t want to miss!

Puzzle Quest

Brought to you by WerePanda, this game has you father your friends and prepare to storm Maze Castle. Traverse the different levels of the castle, solving a variety of puzzles and defeating the Demon Beasts. But be careful! As you climb higher in the castle, the challenges you face will become more difficult. Can you survive?

Quiet Place Game Corner

Want to get away from some of the noise? Want to play classic games with other con-goers? Then Quiet Place is for you! Join us in playing games like Uno, Yahtzee, and other classic card games.

Artist: Cambria Bowers

Sink That Ship

Have you ever talked about your favorite “ship” or discussed what is or isn’t canon, and realized you sound like a pirate? Well, y’arg!! Defend your “ships” and attack the other team with “canon” balls. Battleship meats fandoms in this fun new game!

There Can Only Be One

Can you rule the universe with Ryuk wielding a spoon and suffering from teenage anxiety, or Sailor Moon with a case of ramune but allergic to bees? If so, come to this card game for conquering all that comes before you. But be prepared to defend your Hero or Villain from all that blocks your destiny.

Ultimate Werewolf: Survive the Night

After a night of festivities in your peaceful village, you take a much needed rest … only to wake up finding the Town Guard has been savagely attacked! Was it a beast from the woods? Or something far worse?

As a group, you must determine a vote on who in the circle transforms into a hungry howling beast at night, picking you off one-by-one. Can you sort them out before it’s too late … or are you one of the beasts in question?

Ultimate Werewolf is a simple cooperative game in which you must remove suspicion from yourself, manipulate your friends, and eliminate your enemies. Can you survive until the end? Join us to find out if you have what it takes to survive. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, you’ll have a howling good time!

Games are limited to 20 people at a time.

Whose Line Is It Anime?

Hello, and welcome to Who Line Is It Anime? – the show where everything’s made up and the points are given out as often as Krillin living through whatever Dragonball arc is currently playing. Join Epic Fail Cosplay and WerePanda Productions in this hilarious family-friendly improv show.

Artist: Hikaru9