AMV Contest

The AMV Contest is a fan favorite. Come see the best of the best attendee-created Anime Music Videos and vote on your favorites in different categories! Submitters take footage from anime, games, and various others sources, then combine them with a chosen song and create a music video ideally telling either a story or helping to promote the song or chosen series.

  • Action
  • Category X
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Local
  • Best of Show

Cosplay Chess: the Fall of Batman

The annual chess match continues, but this year the villains have prepared a special surprse for the heroes…

Don’t miss out on this absolutely fun cosplay contest at the con! This year we have a special guest judge – Cole Feuchter! Application submission and acceptance is required. Space is limited.

Cosplay Contest

You love it. We love it. And it’s back! Anime Banzai’s annual cosplay contest!

Come watch as the best of the best present their skills in creating and/or showing off cosplays from all the best anime.

Hall Cosplay Contest

Cosplay is hard work, and Anime Banzai wants to recognize your efforts! Our sneaky undercover expert judges will be wandering the convention awarding ribbons to those who have gone the extra mile to bring our favorite characters to life. No entry necessary!

Hellsing: BRAWL

The royal Order of Protestant Knights are looking for new recruits to destroy the undead and other supernatural forces of evil that threatens the Queen and Country. If you think you have what it takes, join us for this year’s Hellsing: BRAWL to show us what you’re made of. Registration is open!!!.

Iron Fan Art

Iron Fan Art is a fast-paced drawing contest for all ages, with lots of cool prizes to win. This year, Friday and Saturday’s contests will have a special guest judge – Ben Dunn!

Rules of the Contest

  • The theme is given out right before you start.
  • No references allowed! This means no phones out while drawing.
  • Keep it PG-13.
  • You are only allowed to use the supplies we provided.

There is a kids’ division for those aged 13 years and under.

Lip Sync Battle

Get ready to lip sync for your life. Battle against your fellow con-goers to win the epic Golden Microphone and bragging rights for the whole year as Anime Banzai’s Lip Sync Battle Champion.

Speed Cosplay

This contest is the embodiment of the night before the convention. You and three or four (3-4) friends have two (2) hours to create a cosplay within the theme and with the supplies provided by the judges. If you create the most creative, put-together, and astounding cosplay with the time and materials provided, then you will walk away victorious. This year, Friday’s contest will have a special guest judge – David Vincent!

Tiger & Bunny’s Mini Mecha Contest

We believe in heroes, but can you create your own mini mecha hero in less than an hour to win the day and the hearts of all? Individuals compete head-to-head and against the clock using the provided material to create their heroic mini masterpieces.