Buying and Selling

Here you will find the different places that are authorized to buy and sell items at the convention.

Buying or selling anywhere else is prohibited.

Artists’ Alley

Here’s a list of the artists who will be attending the Anime Banzai Convention:

  1. Anime Banzai Guest
  2. Anime Banzai Guest
  3. The Pink Po’udo
  4. Crayon Comics
  5. puppySHAKER!
  6. Belli-buttons
  7. Charming Little Fox Creations
  8. Maracuyas
  9. Cutie Hats
  10. Digital Potatoes
  11. Digital Potatoes
  12. Digital Potatoes
  13. Cosplay Scramble
  14. Carmendee Dragons
  15. Vtas Art
  16. Deeply Dapper
  17. RobotCat
  18. UnfurGettable
  19. Devil’s Bakery
  20. Ink Junk
  21. Marachi Studios
  22. StarTrees
  23. TreeSpeak Art
  24. RAM Studios
  25. RemiDearest
  26. Fantasm / Artist Check-In
  27. Blackash Creations
  28. Adam Ford Art
  29. Fwoofing
  30. Sincerly Sam
  31. Canis Ovis Arts
  32. Bean Baguette Studios
  33. Elliotoille
  34. Lyon’s Den Crafts
  35. Lilycli
  36. KawaiiPowerUp
  37. MadCrochets
  38. Art by Graham / Art of Bobbi Hobbs
  39. Savvy Jensen Art
  40. Storyofthedoor
  41. Sage Windfeather
  42. Aud Green Art
  43. Jessica Vernell Illustration
  44. Artwork by Christopher Cayco

Art Show Contest & Charity Auction

The Art Show Contest is a place for everyone to show off their artistic skills. It’s also a chance to win prizes and sell your artwork. Entering is free with your convention badge. Please read ALL the Rules before entering.

We accept artwork done in the following themes of anime, video games, science fiction, fantasy, and variations thereof. Art entries may be in 2D or 3D styles. This means you can submit drawings, paintings, digital graphics, photography, sculptures, sewing projects, crochet projects, various crafting projects, and much more.

VERY IMPORTANT: Nothing made using a pre-existing pattern is allowed!

All entries will be voted on by the convention attendees and will be eligible to win prizes and awards. The categories for awards are:

  • Best 2D
  • Best 3D
  • Best Junior (for artists 14 years of age and younger)
  • Best of Show

Voting takes place all through Friday and Saturday, so entering and displaying on Friday does give you a slight advantage.

You may drop off your art at the convention during the following times:

  • Thursday – 8:00pm-9:00pm
  • Friday – 11:00am-1:00pm
  • Saturday – 10:30am-12:00pm noon

You must be able to pick up your artwork or money if your piece is sold on Sunday between 2:30pm and 3:30pm.

Banzai Charity Auction

The Art Show is also hosting a silent charity auction to raise money for the Best Friends Animal Society. If you are entering the Art Show (or even if you’re not!), please consider donating something for the charity. It doesn’t have to be artwork; we accept unused and good-condition items for the silent charity auction as well as artwork of all mediums. Charity items are not part of the voting contest and the person donating the item(s) will not receive any money.

ALL proceeds will go to the Best Friends Animal Society. See their webpages here and here.

The Secondhand Sale

Want stuff? Want too much stuff? Want to diversify your collection?

Come to the Secondhand Sale and join in on the buying frenzy. All commercially licensed, non-mature goods are welcome! Anime, manga, figures, plushies, wall scrolls – you name it. But it has to be legitimately licensed – no bootlegs. So you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the good stuff.

Vendors’ Hall

Here’s a list of the vendors who will be attending the Anime Banzai Convention:

  1. Sun Anime
  2. Build-A-Bracelet/Groovy’s
  3. Cartoon Passion
  4. Zombie Nation
  5. Eniki Hobby
  6. Collector’s Universe
  7. Anime Palace
  8. Uber Dungeon
  9. Anime Banzai
  10. Anime Pavillion
  11. Cold Fusion
  12. Bibisama Inc.
  13. Toshiko
  14. Yes Anime
  15. Toy Mandala
  16. Anime Stuff Store
  17. Entertainmart
  18. Bishounen Boutique
  19. Hobby Fan
  20. FYE
  21. PlusArt Atudio
  22. Anime V