18+ Events

Jenni Davis

All of these events are 18+ and require an 18+ wristband.

  • You can get one 18+ wristband per valid government-issued picture ID (it must have both your name and birthdate on it).
  • The wristbands are available at the Information/Lost & Found table in the Sky Lobby (between the stone pillars).
  • You must be 18 years of age as of the date you request the wristband. No exceptions.
  • You may be asked to show your valid picture ID to get into these events even if you have a wristband.

18+ Anime Jeopardy

A fun trivia game with an 18+ twist for all levels of Otaku. buzz What is Anime Jeopardy? Ding! You win the round! Come play Anime Jeopardy with anime categories such as “Daddy Issues” or “Side Ponytails and Other Killers”.

18+ Late Night Improv

In this late night event we pull all the stops. Just as in years before, come join us for some fun improv mixed with dirty humor.

18+ MadLib Theatre: The Return of the Sega Obama

An event where you get to play with words and make questionable madlibs, which could possibly disappoint your mother.

18+ Newlywed Game: Anime Edition

Get ready for some hilarious fun when couples are chosen from the audience and improv outrageous answers in order to be named the winners. No sign-up required to play, but valid ID to prove you’re 18+ years old is required to enter.

18+ Nightmare: AtmosFear Edition

“I am the Gatekeeper! I rule this game. And you will obey my rules.”

Join Anime Banzai for a midnight game of Nightmare where you will become subservient to the All Mighty Gatekeeper. Collect all of the keys and win to escape your date with the Gatekeeper, or take a trip to hell. It is all up to the Gatekeeper.

18+ Pubu Testo

Do you think you have the most Anime Trivia knowledge? Want to find out? Bring your most geeky friends and put on your Otaku cap to challenge your skill while we have fun, some good 18+ fun!

18+ Snatch Game

After the ridiculous that happened last year, Snatch Game returns! See if you can match answers to … obscure questions … with some of your favorite (and not so favorite) characters. Villains and Anti-Heroes rule the panel and their answers are always more naughty than nice.

Prizes will be awarded to players that can match the most answers with our panelists. After all, if you’re as evil as our panelists … who hurt you?! You obviously need some sort of prize to help you cope with this realization. Laughs and giggles abound with a panel full of crude humor. Only those aged 18+ years may attend, as this panel is far too sensitive for the ears of the innocent.

18+ Whose Line Is It Anime?

Hosted by Epic Fail Cosplay and performed by WerePanda Productions, welcome to Whose Line Is It Anime? – the show were everything’s made up and points are given out about as often as tentacles having innocent intentions.

18+ YAY

Come test your knowledge of yaoi and yuri with other YAY fans. Trivia, charades, and other games will be played. Feel free to just hang out and enjoy the presence of other like-minded fans.

18+ Yellow Flag Casino

An 18+ anime casino, take a break from dancing on Saturday night and join us for a fun, mock casino. We will have blackjack, roulette, craps, and Yahtzee! We also have a bar etiquette and alcohol safety class going on to help those that are just getting into drinking age or those who want a little more knowledge on the subject.