Anime Banzai 2016

Anime Banzai’s Annual Picnic!

This year’s Annual Picnic will be held on Saturday, August 20th at the Main Street Park. See more information about the picnic, its location, and more here.

Our world was without cool monsters until the timelines of other worlds collided with ours. Now, several heroes must gather together to defeat the coming monsters and find out who caused the time collision.

At all Anime Banzai events costumes are welcome and encouraged, but not necessary to join us. All are welcome and are encouraged to attend our FREE events. All ages are welcome, so come have some fun!

Picnic 5 Picnic 3

Picnic 8 Picnic 6

Anime Banzai Welcomes Guest Steff Von Schweetz!

Guest - Steff Von SchweetzSteff Von Schweetz will be a Guest Judge at the 2016 Cosplay Contest. She’s been cosplaying since 2003 with nearly 200 costumes under her belt. While she loves to craft and create, Steff’s favorite hobby is annoying people with her love of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Find more information about her here.

Security Volunteers

Security is looking for volunteers to help with running the Anime Banzai Convention! If you would like to help out please fill out the form below. There are lots of positions and jobs available, so take a look at what we have to offer!

Click Here To Sign Up

Elli Soper - Ban

Art Show Contest & Charity Auction

Kirsten Milliner - Sai

The Art Show is for finished art and projects, whether they be fan-based or original. We accept both two and three dimensional artwork done in the themes of Anime, video games, SciFi, Fantasy, and variations thereof. Fan art is allowed as long as it’s not a swipe. We are also doing a silent Charity Auction to raise money for breast cancer research at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Charity items are NOT part of the Art Show Contest nor will the artist receive any money from sold pieces. ALL proceeds will go to the charity. Please email the Art Show if you would like to donate anything to the Charity Auction.

Please read ALL of the Entry Rules before submitting a piece of art. For more information on the Art Show Contest or the Art Show Charity Auction, please see this page.

Anime Banzai Welcomes Guest Chris Cason!

Guest - Chris CasonKnown for roles in Dragonball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hetalia, Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club, Guitar Hero 3, and many more, Chris Cason has lent his voice, writing skills, and directing ability to many animes and video games. Check out more information here.

Anime Banzai Welcomes Guest Cosplay Judge Angelic Threads!

Guest - Heather IreteWe are excited to announce our second Guest and first Guest Cosplay Judge: Angelic Threads! Angelic Threads is from Vegas and is known for her love of shiny things and original lolita costumes. Because of this, her cosplays usually have some over-the-top feature in beads, sequins, embroidery, and/or rhinestones.

For more information, check out the Guest Page.

Calling all FanFiction Writers!

The deadline for the FanFiction Contest has been extended! Entries will now be accepted until August 25th! So get that writer brain going and submit your work to us.

Rules and entry forms can be found here

(Note: Both First Kiss and Original Writing contest deadlines have not changed.)

Anime Banzai Welcomes Guest Christopher Sabat!

Guest - Christopher SabatWe are pleased to announce our first guest: Christopher Sabat! He has been a part of many beloved shows and we are all excited for him to come to Anime Banzai.

Link to his bio with more information can be found here

AMV Form Fixed

We finally figured out the problem with the AMV form and have fixed them. Thank you for your patience.

AMV Form Online

Sorry it took so long to get this online! Technology decided to be difficult…

This form currently only accepts two (2) submissions at a time. Sorry for making you guys fill it out more than once. You can fill out multiple forms however. If you have four videos to submit, you’ll have to fill out two forms; five videos is three forms; ten videos is five forms; etc. We are working on a better solution for people who have multiple videos and will get that up as soon as it’s available. Anyone who submits a form before that one will NOT need to fill out the new form.

Make sure you read the Rules and FAQs before creating or submitting your video(s), just to make sure you’ve got it all right and ready to go. We can’t wait to see the talent in the 2016 AMV Contest!!!

AMV Contest FAQs

AMV Contest Rules

AMV Contest Submission Form

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