Anime Banzai 2016

Anime Banzai Welcomes Guest Christopher Sabat!

Guest - Christopher Sabat

We are pleased to announce our first guest: Christopher Sabat! He has been a part of many beloved shows and we are all excited for him to come to Anime Banzai.

Link to his bio with more information can be found here

AMV Form Fixed

We finally figured out the problem with the AMV form and have fixed them. Thank you for you patience.

AMV Form Online

Sorry it took so long to get this online! Technology decided to be difficult…

This form currently only accepts two (2) submissions at a time. Sorry for making you guys fill it out more than once. You can fill out multiple forms however. If you have four videos to submit, you’ll have to fill out two forms; five videos is three forms; ten videos is five forms; etc. We are working on a better solution for people who have multiple videos and will get that up as soon as it’s available. Anyone who submits a form before that one will NOT need to fill out the new form.

Make sure you read the Rules and FAQs before creating or submitting your video(s), just to make sure you’ve got it all right and ready to go. We can’t wait to see the talent in the 2016 AMV Contest!!!

AMV Contest FAQs

AMV Contest Rules

AMV Contest Submission Form

Warcraft Party & Movie

Join Anime Banzai and Megaplex Theatres for the Warcraft movie launch!

Game Show party is free and will start at 6pm in the suites! Tickets can be purchased on site or at Movie times are 7:30 in IMAX 3D showtime and 8:25 in 2D at the South Jordan The District Megaplex Theatre!

Buy your own tickets at the Megaplex Website

2016 AMV Contest

Coming Soon!

The 2016 AMV Contest will officially open for submissions this month – June 2016. In the meantime, please read the updated Rules & Regulations to know what to expect. Then, get to creating your masterpiece! We can’t wait to see the talent in the 2016 AMV Contest!

AMV Contest FAQs

AMV Contest Rules

New Layout!

After considerable research and pouring over your feedback, we’ve made some changes to the 2016 Anime Banzai Convention layout. This new layout allows for better flow, more vendors in the Vendors’ Hall, and a lounge in which you can take a quick break. Take a look so you don’t get lost in October, and have an even better Anime Banzai Convention experience!

New Convention Layout

Artist Alley Signups are now LIVE!

Click here to get to the Artist Alley signup form.

Applications are open until 15 June 2016 after which tables will be assigned to artists by raffle.

Applications will re-open in July for artists who want to partner with an artist who has been accepted into Artist Alley.

I also have the contract for artist alley here.

Planning to go to Salt Lake Gaming Con?

Salt Lake Gaming Con

Coming up is Salt Lake Gaming Con 2016 from June 2nd-4th. So any of you who are planning on going to Salt Lake Gaming Con 2016 but haven’t gotten your tickets yet and would like to save money, you can use this code and get 15% off the price off your ticket. The code is BANZAI2016.

We will have a booth and will be taking pre-registrations: $45 for the whole weekend, including the special Thursday pre-con event. We take cash, check, credit card, and debit card. You can register multiple people with a single payment. We’ll see you there!

Tons of Signup Forms now Available

Secondhand Sale Registration is OPEN!!!

Friday, October 21 at 11am-3pm in the Tent

Email [email protected] for the contract for a table, and for information

2017 Anime Banzai Mascot Contest is OPEN!!!

The mascot contest is a chance for artists to redesign Banzai’s mascots, Ban and Sai, in their own style incorporating the year’s theme. The 2017 theme is matsuri (festival). This includes both Japan’s traditional festivals and school festivals. and

Various Contests

Art By: Kirsten Milliner

Artist Alley Update

For all of you interested in Artist Alley I have an update but no exact dates. The Registration will go up this month and you will have a week to get your information to the Artist Alley Head. So make sure you keep an eye out for the official post (Facebook will have it first). Hope that helps all of you have been wondering about this.

Now Accepting Panel Ideas

Construction Sai by: Brittney WeilandAre you [RANDOM ANIME]’s greatest fan?

Do you know everything there is to know about [OBSCURE MANGA]?

Do you have an idea for the most awesome Anime Banzai panel ever?

Then we would love to hear from you! The Panels Team is now taking panel submissions here

We will also be posting approved panels here.

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