Anime Banzai 2017

GUEST ANNOUNCEMENTS – Warky, Daman Mills, Sean Chiplock

Utah Anime Promotions and the Anime Banzai Convention would like to welcome the following Guests:

Guest - Daman MillsVoice Actor Daman Mills is potentially best known as the voice of Jyugo in FUNimation’s English dub NANBAKA. He’s also voiced for Pokemon‘s Team Flare, Yuri!!! on Ice‘s Yakov Feltsman, The Saga of Tanya the Evil‘s Lt. Weiss, and more. Besides voicing for anime dubs, Daman also records for video games, commercials, promos, and telephone promts. He enjoys a healthy overdose of coffee, being fabulously fashionable, blanket forts, and binge-watching Netflix. He is very thrilled to voice Tanaka in One Piece Film: Gold.

For more information check out his website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel.



Guest - Sean ChiplockVoice Actor Sean Chiplock is known for his voice in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Revali, Teba, and the Great Deku Tree), DanganRonpa (Kiyotaka Ishimaru), GameStop’s “Voice of God”, and many more. Besides voice acting, Sean is the #1 MegaMan player in Smash Bros. on the west coast and #3 in the USA.

For more information check out his LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.






Guest - Warkyand … Warky, who does everything! He’s an award-winning singer, lyricist, composer, letterer, editor, and voice actor. He has just come from Hulu’s series “Chance” and CBS’s “User Friendly”. Some of his favorite parts include narrating “The Souls of the Saintlands” book series by Tonya Adolfson, Bali in “HunkiePop”, Lady Woo in Nexon’s “Dungeon Fighter Online”, a homeless man in “Ant-Man”, and many more. He is a singer and songwriter in the parody Mormon band “They Might Be Elders”. He letters for Yaoi Press’s web series “The Yaoikuza”. He has read many audiobooks including “Zolabirth Bi”, “The Yaoikuza”, “Trapped Wizard”, and more.

For more information, check out his IMDB Page.

Ghibli Movie Events


“Reality is for people that lack imagination.”

Anime Banzai will be hosting an event during the following Ghibli movies at the Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatres each month. See the list of movies and dates below. More information will come closer to the events.

Dubbed showings are on Sundays. Subbed showings are on Mondays.

Movies & Dates:

    Castle in the Sky – August 27-28
    Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind – September 24-25
    Spirited Away – October 29-30
    Howl’s Moving Castle – November 26-27

3 - Braixen

Facebook Points Game Free Pass Winners

We’d like to announce and congratulate the three winners of Linda’s Facebook Points Game Free Pass winners!

Kimmy Helt, Ashley Jones, and Lesly Pineda

Winner - Kimmy Helt

Winner - Ashlee Jones

Winner - Lesly Pineda

4 - Mudsdale

AMV Contest is now OPEN FOR ENTRIES!!!!!

Are you looking to share your skills in the 2017 AMV Contest?

Now’s the time to submit your talented videos!

Please make sure to read the rules before submitting. Then, fill out the form and submit.

Easy peasy! We can’t wait to see everything you have to show. It will be the best year yet!

Crystal Mountain Pony Con


Join the Anime Banzai Convention staff at the Crystal Mountain Pony Con! Bring all of your family and friends, and help them celebrate their 5th year as Utah’s premiere, all-ages pony convention!

Held at the Davis Conference Center (same place as the Anime Banzai Convention!) on Friday, July 7th and Saturday, July 8th, CMPC will feature:

  • guests and autographs
  • dances and raves
  • panels
  • a vendor hall and an auction
  • shows for viewing (including the new episode of My Little Pony!)

Visit their website here. Buy tickets here. See their guests here. To volunteer, host a panel, get a press badge, or sign up for the cosplay contest, go here. See their schedule here.

Yaoi & Yuri Bookmark Contest

Do you like yaoi or yuri? Do you consider yourself artistic?

If you answered yes, then join the Yaoi & Yuri Bookmark Contest!

Draw and color your favorite couple, original character or canon, and submit to Linda and the Events Team. The email address is in the graphic below.

The top two winners in either category (yaoi and yuri) will be printed as bookmarks and distributed at Saturday night’s Yaoi & Yuri Event.

  • Contest Deadline: August 12, 2017
  • All art must be original; no plagiarism allowed!
  • All art must be rated PG-13 or less, so nothing graphic is allowed.
  • Anything deemed “creepy” or “non-consensual” will be discarded.

Let’s see happy people enjoying themselves and expressing their love freely!

YAY Contest

GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT – Cosplay Contest Judge Diana Tolin

Diana has been cosplaying for over 20 years. She has won awards all over the US and recently traveled to Japan to represent America as Team USA 2016 at World Cosplay Summit. Her costume company, dialC, has created custom costumes for the Real Escape Room Game ‘Defenders of the Triforce’ which is currently traveling in the USA and Canada.

Diana has helped spearhead several American Cosplay Paradise events and proudly organized the World Cosplay Summit Team USA Retrospective at Anime Impulse 2017. She especially enjoys spending time interacting with and supporting cosplayers by sharing her experiences and knowledge of cosplay at home and abroad. She has judging experience with Anime Expo, San Diego Comic Con, and World Cosplay Summit (to name a few) and can’t wait to visit Anime Banzai!

Guest - Diana 2 Guest - Diana 3

Events Team Needs YOU!!!!

This year, the Anime Banzai Convention will be having entertainment in the courtyard at the convention. If you are interested in performing or if you have a group that would like to perform, fill out this application and we will get back to you. Thanks in advance!

Caramel - Group

See our Float in the PRIDE Parade!


Anime Banzai will be in the PRIDE Parade on Sunday, June 4th. Come see our cosplayers-in-a-box (but it’s not a literal box! we don’t want them to suffocate in there).

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